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Generation Nine Chapter Fifteen


It was time for Katrina’s birthday. My second daughter was going to be starting school.



My daughter Katrina was a beautiful young girl.

Life continued fairly normally in the Gilbert household for a while. No exciting or awful things going on with the family.

Screenshot-435 Screenshot-444 Screenshot-450 Screenshot-452 Screenshot-453 Screenshot-463 Screenshot-465

I felt so lucky to be part of such a wonderful family.

Rose, however, soon received some exciting news.



Rose and Ambro were going to have another baby. It was a little weird for me that my great great great great great great grandparents were having a child again after I’d already had some, but this family was far from normal.

Screenshot-472 Screenshot-473


It didn’t seem all that long until Rose went into labour, and they had a little girl who was named Charlotte. She had Ambro’s hair and Rose’s eyes, and was a good mixture of the two of them.

It wasn’t long after Charlotte’s birth that it was also time for Adalia’ birthday. My oldest daughter, my little girl, was going to be a teenager.

Screenshot-481 Screenshot-483 Screenshot-484


My little girl was beautiful. I could see that I’d be spending a lot of time warding boys off with a bat.


AN~ So, this is a happy happy chapter, because that’s how things are for the Gilberts at the moment. This is also Aaron’s last chapter. I apologise for how long it has taken to get this chapter out. I have a lot of personal stuff going on at the moment (you may have some idea if you follow me on tumblr) and my computer has been throwing a hissy fit if I try to play sims too long. I’ve sorted things out with the computer now, but I haven’t sorted out any of the personal stuff so it might be a while again before I begin generation 10. But it is coming. 



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Generation Nine Chapter Fourteen

Soon after Lia’s birthday came the holiday that is celebrated every winter, Snowflake Day. To celebrate, we invited my parents, brother, and sisters, and their partners, over to exchange gifts and spend some time together as a family.



Ethan and Leila’s partners couldn’t make it, but Naomi’s fiancé did make it. It was the first time I had met Emil, but from what I knew they had started dating in their junior year of high school.

Dad couldn’t make it, either, due to being stationed overseas over the holiday, which I think really upset Mum a bit, but she enjoyed spending time with her family.

Overall, everyone had a really great time.

Screenshot-126 Screenshot-127 Screenshot-128 Screenshot-129 Screenshot-132 Screenshot-134 Screenshot-135 Screenshot-136 Screenshot-137 Screenshot-138 Screenshot-139 Screenshot-142 Screenshot-143


It was very nice to see my family again.



Adalia was very happy with the bike we got her, not that she could use it in the snow, but I was sure that come spring time that bike would be used plenty.

The other two were not forgotten. Each of them were giving a teddy bear from me and Abby, and the three kids were spoiled rotten by their Grandma, Auntie Naomi, Uncle Ethan, and Auntie Leila. Katrina and Johann were a bit young, however, to understand what was going on.

All in all, it was a great celebration, and there was no one else I’d rather have spent it with.


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Generation Nine Chapter Thirteen

Screenshot-212 Screenshot-213

“I’m pregnant!” I grinned at Abby, pulling her into a hug.

“That’s great news!” I said, before kissing Abby. We were going to have another baby, Lia was going to have a younger sibling.

The next few months seemed to go pretty quickly. Adalia was getting older every day.

Screenshot-2 Screenshot-4 Screenshot-6

She was such a precious little thing.

Screenshot-11 Screenshot-12 Screenshot-13

Close to when Abby was due, it was Spooky Day. We didn’t do much to celebrate, but it surprised us to see how many teenagers in the neighbourhood were trick-or-treating. It was quite cool to see their costumes, some of them were quite creative!

The Spooky Day surprises didn’t end there, either. Not long after all the teenagers were gone, Abby went into labour.

Screenshot-20 Screenshot-22

After a few hours, our second daughter, Katrina was born.


Katrina was just as beautiful as her older sister. She had her mother’s hair and my mother’s eyes.


We had two beautiful daughters, and we were discussing having another child. Both of us felt like another child would complete our family.



Abby soon found herself pregnant again.




Winter soon came, and the snow started. Abby and I decided to enjoy it by building a snowman together. Something so childish to do, but it was fun, and it was nice for us to do that together.

Screenshot-41 Screenshot-42 Screenshot-43


I also decided to take advantage of the winter festival and try snowboarding. It was fun… until I fell on my butt.

Screenshot-46 Screenshot-47


It was soon time for our baby’s birthday. That’s right, our first born, little Lia, was turning 5 and starting school.



It was hard to see my beautiful little daughter grow up, and I knew it was only going to get worse as time went on.

It was not long after Lia’s birthday that Abby went into labour, and we went to the hospital for Abby to give birth to our third and probably final child.



We had a little boy who we named Johann.



He had my mother’s hair and eye colour, though we think his facial structure comes from Abby. Two girls and a boy. We felt our family was complete. At least for now. Maybe in the future when they’re all grown up we may be ready for some more, but for now, we were done.


AN~ Soon I’ll be putting up the heir poll, maybe in a few days. This won’t be the last chapter from Aaron, but I do like to know who the heir is fairly early so I can start planning and setting things up. I’m really interested to see what everyone thinks at this point, as well. Personally, I love all of them, and I can’t wait to see who you guys pick. 


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Generation Nine Chapter Eleven

The court case went on for a few months, but soon Nicholas was imprisoned. Bennett had long skipped town, and had promised never to come near us again, not that I could trust him on that. I was just glad someone could be nailed for this, and the deaths of other women throughout the country.

Abigail was still mourning the death of her father, but she was slowly getting better. Meanwhile I was taking more cases, but they were much more simple now.



They were a bit boring but it was actually a nice change from before.

Abigail and I began officially dating not too long after court case finished, but really we’d been together since beforehand. We couldn’t make it public knowledge, however, because it would seem that I was too close to the victim, which, while I was, would not help in getting a conviction. So, even though we’d only been officially together for a few weeks, I was ready to take the next step with Abigail.

I had everything all planned out. I got home and asked Abby to come in to the living room where I had some romantic music playing. She looked confused as I asked her to dance, but she agreed.



“What brought this on?” Abby asked softly.

“I can’t do something romantic for my beautiful girlfriend?” I asked innocently, causing Abby to blush.

“I suppose you can,” Abby replied. I grinned.

“I love you, Abigail,” I whispered.

“I love you too, Aaron.”

I let go of her and went down in my knee.



“Abigail Newson, though our story is a bit different than most, I love you. You’ve captivated me from the moment I laid eyes on you, though at the time I tried to squash it down. I love you so much, and I want to spend the rest of forever with you,” I said. Abby smiled, her eyes glistening with tears.

“Oh, Aaron.”



I reached into my pocket and took the ring out.

“I have an important question for you. Abigail Newson, will you marry me?” Abby screamed.

“OH MY GOD! Yes! Yes I’ll marry you!” she exclaimed.



I slid the ring onto her finger, delighted that it fit.

“It’s beautiful, Aaron! Oh, I can’t believe this!” Abigail said. I smiled, standing up.

“Believe it, Abigail, because you’re never getting rid of me now.”

“Like I’d want to,” she replied, grinning before I kissed her.

Abigail and Rose planned the wedding together, leaving me only to get my tux, which wasn’t too hard. Soon enough that day of the wedding arrived. I was unbelievably nervous. Abby had been locked in the bedroom all day with Rose and Mum, getting ready, while all I had to do was get into my tux and make sure my hair was presentable. I was getting married. A couple of years before I’d never have believed someone who told me that, but now I couldn’t imagine my life without Abby.

Just before the wedding, Rose came out of the living room to talk to me.



Rose hugged me tightly.

“Eilidh was going to come out and talk to you but she began crying, so I’ve decided to instead. I know you must be nervous,” Rose said. I nodded.

“Yeah, I’m nervous, but I know I’m doing the right thing,” I said. Rose smiled and hugged me.

“I’m proud of you, and your mother is too. Now, come on, the wedding is supposed to start soon, and you need to be ready for your bride,” she said. I nodded, and we walked out to the backyard, where it was all ready for a wedding.



It had been set up during the day, though the wedding was at night due to our inability to be in the sun too long.



Soon, the time had arrived, and I stood with Abigail, ready to get married.











Screenshot-182 Screenshot-183 Screenshot-184



AN~ Yay, they’re married! Babies shouldn’t be too far away. I can’t believe I’m so close to this finishing. It’s scary. I can promise there will be an heir vote for this last generation. I have a few plans in place, but they’re broad enough that it doesn’t matter too much about gender or traits. 


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Generation Nine Chapter Ten





The next few days were complete misery for Abigail, and there was nothing I could do about her pain. She had lost her father, and my family were to blame. Not that I considered Nicholas or Bennett family, but technically they were. It made me feel so much worse about the situation. As if I wasn’t already feeling guilty.

Abigail had hired me to find her father. She had trusted that I would return her father to her, safe and sound, and I had failed. At one point, she tried to pay me, but I refused it. I couldn’t take her money, not when I had failed so badly, and not when, in the end, I had done it because I cared, not because it was my job. I had originally taken the case out of interest, but now I was in love with Abigail, and it was my fault her father was dead.



I tried to comfort her, but it puzzled me that she even wanted to cry on my shoulder. She obviously hadn’t had time to think yet about how it was my fault, how I had failed her.

Abigail was asleep when I walked into the living room to see Uncle Ambro and Aunt Rose on the couch, talking to Bennett.



“What is he doing here?” I yelled instantly, “Why would you let him in the house! It’s his fault that Abby’s father is gone! All of this was his fault!” Rose looked up, frowning.

“It was?” she asked. I nodded. She sighed.

“Oh, Bennett. You’re never going to change, are you?” she said, before walking out of the room, leaving Bennett looking uncomfortable.

“What’s the problem, don’t like her disappointment? Maybe you shouldn’t be such an evil bastard then!” I snarled at him.

“Sit down, Aaron, and we’re going to talk to him,” Uncle Ambro said. I scoffed.

“Talk to him? I don’t think so,” I said.

“Aaron,” Ambro said in a warning tone. I rolled my eyes.

“I’m not a child, Ambrogio,” I said, turning to him, “How could you let him in the house? Even not knowing he was involved with what went on with Abby’s father… he’s a murderer!”



“Aaron, you need to listen to what he wants to say,” Ambro said.

“No, I don’t. I can’t believe you want me to,” I started to turn away and walk out of the room.

“I want to tell you something about your father,” Bennett said.

“Nicholas isn’t my father,” I said.

“Here’s the thing. You won’t be able to nail me for this one, no matter how hard you try. I’m so far above all of this that I won’t even be a suspect, even if you try to claim it. But your father can get the blame for this, because it mostly was your father. I only got involved near the end, when I knew you were investigating it,” Bennett said.

“You killed Abby’s father,” I said.

“I did. To let you get away. If I hadn’t done that, if I hadn’t let you and the blonde beat me, I wouldn’t have let you go, because I couldn’t let it look like I’d just let you go. I run a criminal organisation. I can’t be seen to be easy going on someone just because they’re related to me,” Bennett said. I sat down on the couch, my eyes still narrowed at Bennett.



“Easy going? You killed your own wife!” I exclaimed.

“That… that was out of anger, and had I been more rational, like I am now, it wouldn’t have happened. Believe me, I’ve had years of honing my skills. I don’t anger so quickly now,” Bennett said.

“This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. And how is it going to help me to get Nicholas charged for this?” I asked.

“I can give you information. All of it. And then you let me go, like I let you go,” Bennett said simply. I hesitated.

“Why should I do that and not just try to get both of you done for this?” I said. Bennett smirked.

“If you don’t agree to it, you know that neither of us will be done for this. We can run from it forever, and we have so many things in place to stop it from happening. This is your only chance to get someone done for it, someone who is just as guilty as anyone else you could think to blame,” Bennett said. I glanced at Ambro quickly, then nodded.

“Abigail needs this,” I said, “She needs someone to be done for this.”


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Generation Nine Chapter Nine

I barely listened to Nicholas while he told me about the story, only keeping an ear out for where Kyle Newson was. I didn’t care about the story right now, I could find that out later. My main concern was finding Abigail’s father right now.

He soon told me where he was, and I grabbed Abby and we left. We got through to where Kyle Newson were being kept very easily, making me suspicious. It shouldn’t have been so easy to get to him. Something was going on.

I tried not to let Abigail know that something was wrong with the situation as I picked the lock and let Mr Newson out. Abigail hugged him immediately.


“Daddy!” Abigail exclaimed.

“Oh, darling, what are you doing here… no… you’ve been turned…”

“I chose this, Daddy. Aaron, I hired him to help me find you, he’s a vampire, Daddy. I love him and I chose this,” she said to him. He looked at her for a moment.

“You shouldn’t have tried. You shouldn’t have come here, you should’ve just left me,” he said frantically.

“How could I leave you, Daddy?” she said, “Why would I?”

“He knows very well why,” said a voice behind me. We all turned around to look at another vampire. Something about him looked very familiar.


“Isn’t this reunion touching?” he asked.

“Who are you? Why?” Abigail screamed. He just smirked.

“I suppose I haven’t introduced myself yet. I run this whole operation. Vampires who lend money to people we know can’t pay it back, and then taking payment in other forms. Generally a pretty young woman who is important to them, but not always a woman. Of course, we’re also involved in other… activities. My name is Bennett. Bennett Gilbert,” he said. My eyes widened and Abigail turned to look at me, shock in her eyes.

“Gilbert? Is he related to you? Your father is involved in this and now him? Are you, too? Was this all a trick?” she screamed. Bennett looked extremely pleased.

“He’s related to me, but I’ve never met him before. He… he’s my great great great great grandfather,” I whispered, “Ambrogio told me stories…”

“Oh, yes, how is Poppa?” Bennett asked, “And Nana? Nana always seemed to be the only person I could stand.”

“They’re better people than you,” I said. He just smirked.

“I knew you were investigating this, Why do you think I let the two of you get in here. I must say, I was surprised how well it turned out, I didn’t expect Nicholas to tell you quite so soon. I told him to tell you, but not give the information too easily. I’ve wanted to meet you, Aaron,” Bennett said. I frowned.

“Meet me?” I asked, confused.

“I like to keep tabs on my family, my descendants. How do you think I got Nicholas involved? When your mother kicked him out, I found him, told him that I had a group of vampires who could help him get used to his new vampire life, didn’t have to be solo now that the Gilberts had turned him away. Told him I was a Gilbert myself who had been turned out of the family-”

“That’s not true! You murdered your wife, left your daughter without a mother as you were sent to prison!” I exclaimed. Bennett shrugged.

“And it was my family who sent me to prison. Anyway, Nicholas quickly caught on to what was going on, but he didn’t mind. In fact, he was into it. He became my best man. He often got to enjoy the young women, and you must know how much he enjoys women. Of course, most of the women were shared before they were disposed of,” he said, grinning widely.

“That is disgusting. He told me you would kill him if he wanted to get out of it,” I said. Bennett laughed.

“No I wouldn’t. Of course I wouldn’t. I can find other people to get involved. People have left easily enough before. That’s just what he told you because he still hopes to have a relationship with you. Of course, he doesn’t deserve a relationship with you. Anyone who abandons their child shouldn’t have a relationship with them. You know that as well as I do,” Bennett said. I glared at him, before turning to Abigail, who was looking more confused than ever, and Mr Newson was looking terrified.

“So, what are you going to do to us? I assume you’re going to play on the fact that we want to get Abigail’s father out of here, and know only I’ll be able to fight you off as you bring in more of your people,” I said. Bennett shrugged, looking at Abigail and Mr Newson. Before I knew it, he was pushing Abigail away, and took Mr Newson’s wrist, biting down.


“Daddy!” Abigail screamed, before pulling him away and jumping on Bennett.


She started fighting him, and I quickly joined in. Soon Bennett was out cold, and we took Mr Newson and started to head back home. I found it extremely curious that there was no one around still, but we soon got home.

As we entered the house, Mr Newson collapsed on the ground, and Abigail knelt down and cradled his head.


“Daddy? Are you okay?” she whispered.

“My darling daughter…” he murmured. Tears filled Abby’s eyes. We could both hear his heart starting to fail.

“Daddy, you’re going to be okay, Aaron’s aunt is a Doctor, Aaron, get Rose, get Rose!” she screamed at me. I stood, frozen. I couldn’t believe what was going on. Ambro and Rose heard Abigail’s screams, and ran into the room. Rose went to Mr Newson’s side, but she looked up at me and shook her head.

“He’s been poisoned, I think. This bite, on his wrist… a vampire?” she asked. I nodded mutely. I couldn’t even tell them who it was. Their own grandson. But they already knew what Bennett was capable of.

“No!” Abigail screamed, “NO! We didn’t go through all that just so I could lose him! No, Daddy, you can’t. You have to stay!” she yelled.

“Love… you… Abigail…” he muttered. Abby put her forehead against his, her tears falling freely on to his face.

“I love you too, Daddy, but you’re going to get through this. You’re going to make it. You-” Mr Newson’s head lolled to the side, and we all heard it as his heart stopped beating. Abigail sobbed harder.

“No, no,” she whispered, “Daddy, no.”


AN~ That wasn’t supposed to happen, it just… did. I never planned it and then it happened and I’m a terrible person. 


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Generation Nine Chapter Eight

Leila had helped me to contact my father. We had agreed to meet up again, at the Red Velvet Lounge, and this time I was taking the cavalry. Well… Uncle Ambro, Aunt Rose, and Abigail were all going to be there to back me up. We arrived much earlier than I had agreed to meet Nicholas, so that he didn’t know that they were there. He would easily recognise Uncle Ambro and Aunt Rose, so they had to be extra careful not to be seen until the right moment.


Uncle Ambro and Aunt Rose danced as Abby and I hit the drinks, pretending as if we didn’t know each other. Nicholas could come in at any moment.

Of course, he proved to be late, just like the last meeting I had with him.


“What if he doesn’t turn up?” Aunt Rose asked.

“He was late last time. We’ll just wait. He agreed to it, if he didn’t want to try to have a relationship with me he wouldn’t have agreed,” I said.

“Do you want a relationship with him?” she asked. I snorted.

“No.” Out of the corner of my eye I saw Nicholas walk in, and at the very same moment, a woman started to feel sick. Aunt Rose sprung into action, as the only doctor in the room, and helped her, causing everyone to look at them, and not pay any attention to Nicholas and I.


“I was surprised you wanted to see me again, after last time,” Nicholas said. I shrugged, and looked over at Aunt Rose.


She was still busy with the patient. I smiled at Nicholas.

“Do you see Rose there?” I asked. He nodded, and I pointed behind him. He looked.

“Ambrogio?” he questioned. I nodded.

“I didn’t get to tell you my job last time we met, so I thought I should tell you know. I’m a private investigator, and I’m currently investigating the disappearance of Kyle Newson,” I said. His eyes widened in panic slightly, then he frowned.

“I don’t know who you’re talking about,” he said.

“I think you do, and I’d like to take you for questioning. Now, you should know that as well as Rose and Ambrogio, I have someone else here for back up, someone who finds this whole case extremely personal, and that I’m not bound by the same rules as the police, and I’m not above breaking the law to find Mr. Newson. So you should think carefully before you refuse to come with me, because I’m taking you for questioning, and you can choose whether I take you the easy way or the hard way,” I said. Nicholas looked around him warily, before he nodded. With his assent, Abigail walked over to me.

“He’s agreed?” she asked. I nodded, and she smiled, before kissing me.


We broke apart, and I looked at Nicholas.

“This is Abigail Newson, Kyle Newson’s daughter, and my client,” I said, “Shall we go, then?” The three of us headed back to my house, leaving Aunt Rose with her patient.


I questioned him constantly, but he refused to answer anything.

“We can and will keep you here until you answer. We have plenty of plasma juice, but you want have anything to drink until I’ve had some answers,” I said.

“Aaron, I’m your father…”

“No! You’re not! Biologically, sure, but you’re a pretty crap father, and a pretty crappy person in general. You’re a liar, a cheat, and a criminal!” I shouted, standing up. He stood up, as well.


“You have no idea!” Nicholas exclaimed, “I didn’t choose to become involved in this. At first, maybe a little bit, but by the time I realised what I was into, I couldn’t get out again without being killed!”

“What a load a rubbish!” I yelled. Abigail took a few steps back, going and sitting on the couch, possibly anticipating a fight.

“Like you know anything,” Nicholas said.

“That’s exactly the point! I don’t know anything, because I don’t know you! All I want are some answers. Where is Kyle Newson? What did you do with him, where did you take him?” I yelled.

“I’m not telling you, and you can’t force me,” he said. I glared at him for a few seconds before jumping on him to fight him.



I successfully won the fight, and then shoved him back on to the seat.

“So where is he?” I snarled. He hesitated a moment before telling me everything.


AN~ Another chapter quickly following another one, and the next one should be soon as well, since the photos are all done. I’ve decided I want gen 10 to at least be born before I start at Uni on the 4th of March (though I’m hoping to be beginning or close to beginning generation 10) so I don’t think I’ll be leaving you for weeks at a time (until March. Then I will).


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