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Generation Three Chapter Eleven

Time went on, and soon enough it was time for Rhiannon’s birthday. It was hard to believe the years that had passed, and that Rhiannon was going to be a child. It was hard to believe the years that I’d been stuck with Louise.

We watched as Rhiannon blew out her candles, and became a child, ready for school.

Nana, Poppa, Ali, and Louise all gushed about how beautiful she was, but I didn’t see the point. She was only a little girl. Everyone thought little girls were beautiful. There was no way we’d see her beauty until she was older.

The school bus came for Rhiannon the next morning, even though she was within walking distance to the school. I couldn’t remember if I had taken the school bus from there, when I was at High School.

Louise was glad Rhiannon was at school, because it meant she could go back to work as a stylist. It kept her out of my hair for a few hours.

Louise and I still hated each others guts, and I don’t think either of us had had any WooHoo since Rhiannon was conceived. Louise had become so desperate that she had started flirting with Poppa, but, of course, Poppa is too in love with Nana to even realise what she was doing.

I, meanwhile, was coming up with a plan to get rid of her. I didn’t want to divorce her, we hadn’t had any pre-nuptial agreement because of our rush to get married, and I didn’t want her taking half my stuff. What if she remarried and had more children, and gave her half to someone who wasn’t even a Gilbert? That couldn’t happen. Everything would be going to Rhiannon when she was older.

I was always plotting, and at one point, I thought it was funny. My mother spent her life plotting fictional characters lives. I spent my life plotting real peoples demises.

I had finally decided what I was going to do. I just hoped it would work.

I decided it was time to put my plan into action when I saw Louise swimming in the pool.

I quickly crept out, and shoved her underwater. Her eyes widened, and she struggled. As she started to drown, I ran back into the house quietly, letting her know that she was going to be alone when she died.

It didn’t take very long for her to fall to the bottom of the pool.

I watched through the window as Aliana ran outside, and as the Grim Reaper took the watery, ghostly form of Louise. I was sure that Aliana hadn’t seen what had happened.

The next morning Rhiannon asked after her mother, but I told her she’d gone to work already. I hadn’t quite figured out a way to tell Rhiannon yet. I did care about my daughter, and I didn’t want this to hurt her too badly. Maybe I’d tell her there was an accident on Louise’s way home from school.

Of course, I may not get a chance to tell Rhiannon some fake story.


What Bennett didn’t know was that Aliana had seen what he’d done. She had been suspicious of Bennett for awhile now, having been into the basement and seeing three grave markers down there. What kind of monster was her brother? She recognised some of the names, from missing persons posters.

When Bennett had gone up to bed, Aliana hurried to the police station. She wasn’t sure it was the right thing to do – her poor niece was already going to have to grow up with her mother, would Aliana be the cause of Rhiannon growing up without her father?

Aliana then realised that was ridiculous. Bennett had killed four people. He had brought this onto himself. And Rhiannon deserved better than being raised by a murdered. If her grandparents weren’t willing to take her on, Aliana knew that she would. She already loved little Nonny more than anything.


AN~ Bennett was going to have more of a story, but because Maria moved out of town with her family (the Aliana in this story is actually only possible because I’ve taken to saving all children born in my family to the sim bin, and isn’t actually related in anyway), I couldn’t continue the story I had for him. I’m sort of glad in a way. I don’t think I would’ve been able to kill Maria off. I had enough trouble with the ones I did kill off.

As you can tell, I obviously suck at writing murder scenes. You’d think, as someone who wants to spend her life writing, I’d be able to, but I just can’t stomach it. I could’ve tried harder, but then Bennett’s gen would’ve taken six months, probably.

Anyway, this is Bennett’s last chapter. On Thursday I will put up the first chapter for Rhiannon. Bennett’s generation has actually been the shortest yet. It’s kind of funny how I’m not sad to say good bye to Bennett, but I was for both Ambro and Ria.



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Generation Three Chapter Ten

Louise took to spending a lot of time with Poppa, trying to understand the dynamics of our family. She knew we were vampires – she couldn’t possibly be married to me, and be carrying my vampire child without knowing it – and she didn’t seem to mind. She just wanted to find a way to make things easier for when the child came. A way to explain it to them.

Louise was convinced the baby was a girl, and had already decided upon a name, Rhiannon. I had agreed with the name. It was a nice enough name. I didn’t care whether it was a boy or a girl, I just wanted the heir, and then I wanted to find a way to be rid of Louise.

Louise stayed away from me most of the time, but when we did see each other, there was always arguing. She just couldn’t believe the kind of person I was, apparently. I couldn’t stand the sight of her. I’d decided to stay away from other women while she was pregnant, I didn’t want any harm to come to the child.

Louise didn’t understand that the more she argued with me, the more her life was in danger after that baby was out of her, and why would she understand that? She had no idea what I’d done in the past.

The long months passed, and finally Louise went into labour.

We went into the hospital, wanting the best possible care for our child.

Louise had been right about it being a girl, and she was names Rhiannon. Louise started calling her ‘my little Nonny’ the moment she was born, and wouldn’t let go of her. Nana quickly caught on, and soon both Louise and Nana were calling her Nonny.

Time seemed to go by quickly, and soon enough it was time for Rhiannon’s birthday.

Poppa took Rhiannon to the cake, proud that he was still around to see his great-granddaughter grow up.

Rhiannon was a beautiful little girl with her mothers hair and my eyes. I just hoped that she wouldn’t grow up too much like her mother.

Louise and Rhiannon were very close. Rhiannon never wanted to be without her mother, and Louise had a very similar attachment to her little Nonny. Louise was a good mother, I had to admit, very good with her daughter, and would never willingly abandon her child, like my mother did. I almost wished I’d had a mother like her when I was younger.

Louise quickly went to work teaching Rhiannon to walk.

Teaching Rhiannon to talk was another thing Louise busied herself with.

Poppa helped as well, potty training Louise, since Louise found that part a bit too disgusting for her.

“This take me back to when it was just me and your Uncle Felix, and Aunt Leti, Ben,” Poppa said to me, “Just after their mother left. I had to raise them on my own. You and Louise are so lucky to have each other, and your grandmother and I.”

“Not my parents though,” I spat, “Not my blessed mother.” Poppa didn’t seem to have a response to that. They hadn’t heard from my mother since she had left Bridgeport with my father and younger siblings.

Occasionally I did spend time with my daughter, but not much. I just couldn’t love her, like a father should. I knew she was my heir, and I cared for her, but I knew there was something wrong with me. I couldn’t love her.

One day a woman turned up at our house. Nana, Poppa and I recognised her immediately, though none of us had seen her since she was a toddler. She was my younger sister, Aliana.

Poppa went out to greet her instantly.

“Ali, what are you doing here?” he asked.

“I hated Riverview. Also, there are no acting opportunities there. I was hoping I could stay with you?”

“Of course. Well, you’ll have to ask Ben, since he’s technically the owner of the house now. But he should have no problem with it. Wow, how you’ve grown up!”

Of course I allowed my sister to live with us. It wasn’t her fault that our mother had chosen to abandon me and not her. Aliana quickly went to the film studios in town, and managed to get a job as an extra, and then she settled down into life in our house.

Sometimes, when I saw her sitting on the couch, I wondered if she wanted to be a vampire. It must’ve been weird for her and Louise, to be in a house full of vampires. It was Aliana’s birthright, as well, even if our mother had taken it away from her. But I never asked her, so I never received my answer. All I knew was that she didn’t have a very good relationship with our mother, either.

Maria still wouldn’t call, even with two of her three children living in this house.


AN~I had to bring Aliana back. When I saw her as a toddler and I saw that she had Ambro’s hair, I knew that I needed to bring her back into the story somehow. I think I need to stop growing so attached to my sims.

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Generation Three Chapter Nine

I stayed away from the nightlife for awhile, but after awhile is was drawn back into it.

While there I met Louise. She was a very beautiful red head, and, being e, I went over to talk to her.

It didn’t take long for her to fall for my charms.

Louise seemed to have a similar idea to me for the use of the elevator.

For a few nights I noticed Zo’s presence. I wondered for awhile whether I should go take her, and the others’ remains to the graveyard, but I knew that would be all the more suspicious.

Of course I couldn’t ponder on it for long. It wasn’t long until Louise knocked on my front door, in very odd clothes, for a girl like her.

“Look, Ben, I don’t expect much from you, but I’m pregnant. I just thought you should know,” she said. I invited her in, trying to collect my thoughts.

“Louise,” I started to say, “I’m an heir. I need an heir. I need this heir. I want you to move in, so I can look after you and this child.” Louise quickly agreed. Apparently she had been flatting with a friend, but her friend didn’t want a baby around.

I brought Louise into a hug, promising that everything would work out. I may not ever be able to love Louise, but I thought that perhaps she would make an acceptable wife.

Anyway, even pregnant she was sexy, so it wouldn’t be a huge effort to get along with her, I was sure.

“I think we should do this properly,” I said, getting down on one knee, “Louise, will you marry me?”

“You don’t even know my last name,” she said.

“Why do I need to? You’ll be a Gilbert soon,” I replied, “And wouldn’t it be good for that baby to have a stable family?”

Louise agreed. It wasn’t the way she wanted to do things, but I think she was determined to do right by the child.

We then decided to get married then and there.

We exchanged rings, and vows that I never intended to keep, and we were married.

Nana wasn’t very impressed with how this had happened, but she couldn’t do anything, and she was pleased that I did the right thing by marrying her.

When I saw another woman that I’d been with walk towards the house, I became a little nervous, but she didn’t look pregnant.

She apparently wanted a booty call, and I was only too happy to agree.

I had forgotten that Louise was around, and she of course saw me with this other woman.

“We’ve only been married a few days and you’re already off with this slut!?” she exclaimed.

“At least I didn’t get knocked up, lady,” the woman said from behind me. Louise and I ignored her.

“I only married you because I need that baby in your belly! Once that baby is born I don’t need you anymore, so you better watch yourself!” I yelled. Louise had no idea what I meant, but I did. I was not going to be held down by anyone, even if that person was my wife. I would take my pleasure where I chose.

And id Louise was going to be difficult, then I wouldn’t want to keep her around for long.

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Generation Three Chapter Eight

Time went by, and after the heat had gone past with Zo (it had been determined that it was an accident by police), I went back to spending my nights out on the city. Nana and Poppa didn’t approve of the way I spent my time, Poppa kept telling me I needed to settle down with a girl, have an heir for our family. I told him there was plenty of time for that, I did have a very long life, after all.

One time when I was at the Bridgeport Sports Zone bar, I was playing one of the games, and a wonderful, beautiful scent of blood walked in behind me. When I turned around I saw an equally beautiful woman.

I went to her and started talking to her, idle chatter at first.

I was very thirsty, and she smelt so appetising, so it wasn’t long until I grabbed her arm and sunk my teeth into her wrist. She was the best I’d ever tasted.

Of course, I did have my other fun with her as well.

A few nights later I headed to the Grind, and there I met my Aunt Vicky. Apparently she was still living with her mother, with no boyfriend or anything. She seemed to be living a similar lifestyle tome, though she was also working, whilst I painted occasionally and sold the paintings.

It was surprisingly interesting to talk to her for awhile.

Not interesting enough, however, to hold my attention when another woman walked in. Perhaps not as generically beautiful as some of my other conquests had been, but there was something about her that I instantly liked.

I found out her name was Nancy.

We talked and flirted for awhile. This Nancy was not like the other women I had been with. There was something more here. I suggested we headed back to my place to talk, promising that talking would be all. For some reason I didn’t want to just use and discard her.

When we did get back to my house, I kissed her softly, delicately, and told her what I was. I told her I wanted to be completely honest with her. I was sure there was something between us, more than a simple night’s attraction. She smiled, and told me that she didn’t mind. She had an interest in vampires, and she asked if I could turn her.

I agreed. I had never tried to turn anyone before, but I was sure I could. I sunk my teeth right into her neck, careful not to take any blood.

Something went wrong. She collapsed, curled into a ball. I called out for Nana, but it was too late.

I was honest with Nana and Poppa this time. I told them exactly what happened. This was an accident. I was trying to turn her.

I couldn’t watch as the Grim Reaper took her away.

It was the first time I’d honestly been upset by any death. I had hoped that Nancy could’ve been the one to bring in the next generation of Gilberts. I had hoped that things could work out. Nancy understood my fascination with being a vampire. She wanted to be one herself!

But she had died. I had failed.


AN~ Nancy is not my creation, but the creation (and, I believe, simself) of Nancy01905, so thank you to her for letting me use her. You can find her here if you’d like to download her.

Another short-ish chapter, but that seems to be what works at the moment. I don’t know how long future chapters will be. I am playing ahead, and I would like to say that Gen 4 is born in game (and absolutely gorgeous, if you follow me on twitter you should be able to find pics), and I’m tying up the end of Gen. 3 + starting work on Gen. 4’s story (it is all nice and interdeveloped). I’m really excited for the Gen. 4 stuff, but I’m not going to hurry this gen just so I can get to it, so don’t worry.

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Generation Three Chapter Seven

Perhaps I was a little petty with Zo at first, but I couldn’t help it. She turned me down. She dared to cross me! I made fun of her.

“Oh, look at me, I dress like a freak, and when someone actually is willing to pay me attention I can’t handle it!” I mocked. She looked at me with disgust. How dare she look at me with such disgust?

“Look, I’m only here because my friend – who you just WooHoo’ed with in the elevator, I might add! – convinced me to go out with her. Just leave me alone!” Zo yelled at me. Wow, this girl was fiery.

“Oh, I get it!” I exclaimed, “You’re one of those recluse people who want nothing to do with the outside world and keep to yourself until someone drags you out!”

I couldn’t help but laugh at her reaction. She was so angry. Her anger made her smell even more delicious. As I laughed, her anger became more apparent.

After a few more heated words, and more laughter from me, Zo lost it and shoved me backwards. I was taken aback, but there was no hesitation in my reponse.

I jumped forwards and started fighting with her, remembering to try and do it with more human strength than vampire strength. I didn’t want to kill her… yet.

After only a few minutes, and shoes flying around, I won. I had managed to knock her out. I looked around, to see who had been watching, but it seemed that people had left, not wanting to see the display, rather than watching. I quickly grabbed her, and I took her back to my house.

When she woke up, she found herself in my cold, and dark basement. I had installed a fireplace in there since Henrietta. I didn’t think I wanted to go through the days and days that passed while waiting for her to finally succumb to death. I hoped beyond hope that if Zo turned the fireplace on, it was set on fire, and she would perish.

I was right in guessing that she would set the fireplace. It was very cold, and very dark in there. Of course she would want warmth, light.

Zo took to playing with the fire every now and then, and finally she caught on fire.

As the fire grew, her shrieks became louder. Nana and Poppa heard them, and so did I, as we rushed down. I made sure to tell them I had no idea that anyone was down there, that I thought Zo had gone home after we’d had a little bit of fun – Nana and Poppa may not have approved of my night time activities, but I knew they’d like that a whole lot better than knowing that I’d locked her in the basement and set it up for her to be killed.

The fire engulfed her completely.

She was dead. I had to hide my pleasure, but I still felt it. She had dared to cross me, and now she paid the price.

Too prove my innocence, I had called over Zo’s friend from the club, telling her that we had made up, and she came over to talk. That I thought she had left, but she’d apparently gone exploring and locked herself in the basement. There was a terrible fire. Her friend hurried over, and we watched as the Grim Reaper took Zo.

I pretended to cry after Zo’s ghost disappeared.

After everyone left, I went forwards and shook the Grim Reapers hand, and we thanked each other for the work.

I was invincible. I could feel it.


AN~ Perhaps not the greatest death, but I don’t have any mods or anything so I do have to work with what the game gives me. Anyway, I’ve completely caught up with the pics that I’ve had, which means I can play the Gilberts again, yay! I’m hoping to finish this gen before Generations comes out, which I think I may actually be able to do. Not sure when the next chapter will be out, but hopefully soon!

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Generation Three Chapter Six

The night of my birthday I decided to go check out the clubs I knew were around that I’d never had a chance to go to before. As I walked into one, I met this girl. She was beautiful, and the minute I saw her, I knew I wanted her.

I followed her up to the club, Aquarius.

I bought a couple of drinks, and offered one to her, telling her my name. She told me hers, but I forgot it. It wasn’t important, after all.

It wasn’t long before she started to fall for my charms, even without me using any mind powers on her, just my natural vampiric charm.

I decided to go for it and kiss her, knowing that she wouldn’t turn me down.

When it became light and the club closed, I suggested to her that there was no need to go home yet. I was in the mood for some skinny dipping, I told her, and knew a great place for it.

It was completely successful. I had this woman completely wrapped around my finger.

As we got in the elevator to leave, she came onto me. I didn’t have to do anything.

After we got out of the elevator, I couldn’t take it anymore. I could smell her so strongly, and I needed her. I knew she wouldn’t tell anyone, because she had completely fallen for me. I came forward, and brought her to me. I could smell the plasma in her neck, and I sunk my teeth into her neck.

She was delicious, and I had no need for her. I told her I’d call her, and then headed home.

The next night I headed to a different club, unsure of who I would meet, but hoping that it wouldn’t be the same girl.

There were two possible women there. One who looked like she would more open to me, and the other which smelt absolutely delicious. I decided I’d go for the more open one, and try the other one another time.

It didn’t take very long at all for her to fall for my charms – much quicker than the girl the night before.

I got her into the elevator. The night before had given me a taste for WooHoo. It seemed to make them more potent, for some reason. Maybe due to the plasma heating up their bodies. All I knew was that the girl the night before had smelt absolutely irresistible afterwards, and I hoped that it would make this girl smell more compelling.

The only problem was that she didn’t smell any good at all. The other girl still smelt so much more delicious. Well, I was up for a challenge.

I went to talk to her, and found out her name was Zo. Zo. I savoured it in my mouth. Such a simple name, but one that belonged to someone so strong, so delicious.

We talked for awhile, but when it came to flirting, she stepped backwards.

“Look, Ben, you seem to be a nice guy, but I’m not like that. I don’t go for random hook ups. I can be friends, but I saw you with that other girl. I’m not into that,” Zo said. I couldn’t believe the anger I felt. She turned me down? How dare she?

I leaned in close to her.

“No one crosses Bennett Gilbert,” I hissed at her. This girl, this Zo, was going to pay.


AN~ So this is where this chapter will be left. I just want to say a huge thank you to the REAL Zo, my awesome friend, who suggested us making her simself for this use. I hope I do you proud in the next chapter. I think sim!Zo does pretty awesome for herself! And I’m actually quite glad you’ll read this AFTER we go shopping later today.

To everyone else, I don’t blame you if you hate Ben. I know there are some freaks *coughAngcough* who, last time I checked, thought Ben was lovable, but really, feel free to hate him.


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Generation Three Chapter Five

The next day when I went to check on Henrietta I was surprised. She had apparently celebrated her birthday while in there. She smelled awful, and she had a book with her. I, of course, quickly confiscated the book. I wanted to make her suffer.

She tried to talk me out of it, telling me to just forget about everything. That I wouldn’t get anything out of this. Little did she understand. She didn’t understand, she couldn’t possibly understand the pleasure I got from seeing anyone suffer.

I carried on life as normal, and none of my family suspected a thing. There was no way Henrietta would be able to get out of that room, her puny human strength would never be able to open that door. No one could hear anything coming out of that room, even if they wanted to.

I ordered her to ring her mother and tell her that she was fine, that she was sorry for running off, but she had an amazing opportunity to go overseas. I couldn’t afford for a missing persons report to be filed. I had been the last person seen with her.

There was no toilet in the basement room I locked her in, so while I was in there at one point, she peed herself. It was disgusting, but I thought it was hilarious. She was slowly suffering more and more as time went by. It was brilliant.

It was when she started feeling really hungry that things started to fall into place. I wasn’t going to feed her. Why would I feed her? I wanted her to suffer, and suffer slowly.

She became more and more desperate and devastated as time went by. It was a wonderful feeling to walk in and see her head hung low like that, absolutely miserable.

At one point she grew too tired, and collapsed onto the ground. In her puddle of pee. It gave me great satisfaction to see that.

Henrietta was getting scared, and I loved that. I loved that I could make someone fear me, fear what I was doing to them. I felt like I had power. I loved it.

It was soon Darrell’s birthday, and I couldn’t wait for him to get out of here. I didn’t want him in the house that would be mine. I couldn’t stand him.

He grew a stupid beard, and then moved out. Nana was convinced he was ready for the modern world, but I hoped he stuffed up somehow, and accidentally electrocuted himself and died. It would serve him right.

Nana and Poppa carried on with life. Apparently they’d had so many children leave home that it didn’t bother them so much. I couldn’t understand them. I loved them, but I couldn’t understand them. And they didn’t understand me. They thought they did, but what they knew of me was not what was me. They could never know the real me.

Eventually, it happened. The lack of food made Henrietta grow weak. I hurried down to see what was going on.

Henrietta had finally succumbed to death, and I couldn’t have been happier.

She pleaded with the Grim Reaper not to take her, but why would the Grim Reaper possibly give up a victim?

That night I grew up into an adult, a fully fledged vampire.

World, whether or not you’re ready for me, I’m coming.


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