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Gen. 1 Chapter 14 Birthdays

With my promotion to the highest level ghost hunter, a Paranormal Profiteer, I get a device which told be where spirits were that were invisible. On my nights off work, I searched for them.

Of course, I always found them. They couldn’t hide from me.

I could take any spirits I found to the science facility for money. I felt a little bad for some of the spirits, but with the twins we were struggling with money again.

I was pleased to see that the girls still adored their playground. It had been a good investment.

It was soon time for the twins birthday. Rosanna took Georgiana up to the cake.

One of my little girls was now a toddler.

I then took Maria up to her cake.

The cake caught on fire.

I put Maria down away from the fire, and after it was all sorted, we waited for her to grow into a toddler.

Georgiana was a beautiful young girl with her mothers hair and my eyes.

Maria, though, was her mother through and through.

It was then time for Leti to grow into a teenager. I couldn’t believe my little girl was coming up to the age where she could start meeting boys (or girls, depending on what she liked) and dating them.

Leti grew into a teenager with the firewoman celebrating behind her. I think she had decided to stay in case this cake caught on fire, which, luckily, it didn’t.

She still looked incredibly like her mother. My oldest daughter was now a teenager, the spitting image of her mother, though nothing like Jessica in personality at all.


AN~ Yes, this is a very short chapter. I just wanted you guys to see what the twins looked like as toddlers before we have the heir vote, which I will put up tomorrow. Aren’t the twins so cute?



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Gen. 1 Chapter 13 Completing the Family

During her pregnancy, Rosanna went for walks. She said that it was a good way to keep up her fitness.

Rose enjoyed being pregnant. I always saw her rubbing her stomach and smiling. She couldn’t wait to have her own children, though she saw my children as her children anyway.

Leti was spending a lot of time outside. She loved the playground, especially the slide.

She also enjoyed catching butterflies and other insects. She was so happy when one landed on her hand.

I was glad she found something she enjoyed so much, considering how much Felix loved his keyboard. I don’t think Vicky had found anything quite yet, but I was sure that would change. I think Leti enjoyed thinking about the science of it all. She loved science.

It was wonderful to watch her while she was trying to catch them. Her face lit up with so much joy.

Rosanna loved listening to Felix on the keyboard. He was so talented. Rosanna insisted it was good for the baby, as well, to listen to such wonderful music.

I continued work. I still loved it.

It was different now. I didn’t feel the need to keep them on this earth, so that I wasn’t lonely. I had Rosanna now. I had none of my old despair.

Felix still enjoyed talking to his step mother. I was glad that, even though he was a teenager, he wasn’t pushing us away.

I prepared for the impending birth of my fourth child by playing with toys.

It was soon time to go to the hospital for the birth.

We came out of the hospital after a few hours with our daughter, Georgiana.

We also brought home Georgiana’s twin sister, Maria.

We had two beautiful twin girls. Georgiana and Maria. I was so lucky.

Not long after the birth, there was a ceremony at City Hall, celebrating my success as a ghost hunter. It was in the middle of the day, but I braved the sun. It wasn’t too long, anyway.

I even got to shake the mayor’s hand.

Leti spent her weekend searching for bugs and catching them. I was glad the sun didn’t affect child vampires the same way it affected adult vampires.

Rosanna helped Felix to get fit. He hoped that he could join the school football team, and then maybe people would stop avoiding him so much.

Vicky and Leti still loved playing with each other on the playground. I was so glad that nothing had happened to cause any arguments between my children. I just hoped that nothing would cause arguments between them.


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Gen. 1 Chapter 12 My Children

I had taken to practicing my ghost finding skills at home, so that I could do it better while at work.

I also started to potty train Vicky. It took awhile, but it was worth it.

Rosanna told me she was pregnant. I was so excited. Rosanna and I, having a child together. We could complete our family.

I told her this, that I was excited, and she seemed relieved. Apparently she had been worried that I didn’t want to have anymore children, since I already had three. I thought she was crazy. I had never been particularly family-oriented, but a baby with Rosanna was perfect. It would be as perfect as Rosanna was.

I started feeling, listening, and talking to Rosanna’s stomach. The baby needed to be sure, even know, that Daddy loved them.

Felix loved spending time with his little sister, Vicky. I was lucky that Felix and Letitia accepted Vicky so easy, considering they had no idea she was even coming.

I was surprised to find out it was her birthday. I had calculated in my head, and I thought it was awhile after when it was, but I supposed she may have been early, or prem. I didn’t know. Kimmy hadn’t said anything.

She grew up into a beautiful young child. She still preferred to have her hair short, which was fine. As long as my daughter was happy.

That night I was surprised to get a call from Jessica, asking me to get rid of the poltergeists in her apartment. I agreed, money was money, after all, and I wasn’t in a position to be picky. She was obviously still in the military. I was glad it didn’t pain me to see her, but then, why would it? I was happy with Rose.

I got on and did my work quickly, so I could get out of there as soon as was possible.

She came out to watch me in her underwear. I had no idea why she thought it was a good idea.

She tried to ask me how the kids were. I yelled at her. How dare she ask about the children she abandoned? I told her she was like a fly, something that no one wanted around. Felix and Letitia both saw Rosanna as their mother, though they knew she wasn’t their biological mother.

When I got home in the early morning I saw that Letitia and Vicky were up early. They had both been very tired after Letitia had gotten home from school and Vicky had her birthday, so they went to bed early. They had then gotten up early, and they were playing on the playground together. That was really nice.

I then caught sight of the two girls hugging. It was so sweet.

Later I started playing chess with Leti. She loved chess. She was a very logical young girl.

Felix liked the idea of another sibling. I think he wanted a brother.

For his birthday, Rosanna and I got Felix a keyboard, and he adored it. He was constantly on it, when he wasn’t with his younger siblings. He was a gifted musician. I was so proud of him.

I was glad to see Leti taking such good care of Vicky on her first day of school. Vicky looked quite worried about it. Leti was such a good big sister. I was so proud of my children. I had three wonderful children, and another one on the way. All of them so different, but so wonderful.


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Gen. 1 Chapter 11 A New Family Member

One morning, after paying the bills, Rosanna completed her transformation. She was now a vampire.

It was sort of unsettling, seeing my beautiful Rose as a vampire, so pale and with shiny eyes. I felt bad, but she assured me that she made the choice.

Rosanna was very close with my children, her step-children. They saw her as a mother, and they loved her very much.

We got a telescope, and Felix insisted on using it first, though I think he got bored of it pretty quickly.

We also got a trampoline. I know Rosanna enjoyed it.

The day I was dreading arrived, though. Felix asked me about his real mother. I had no idea what to say.

“Your mother, Jessica, was the on who made me a vampire. She believes that human lives are inconsequential. She doesn’t care,” I told him. Felix seemed to accept that.

“I’ve heard Rosanna call her a monster,” Felix said.

“That’s what Rosanna thinks. You know you children are important to her, and she doesn’t understand how a mother could ever leave their child.”

“I’ve heard you say she’s trash,” he said. I didn’t give him an answer. I didn’t want to talk about it anymore.

Felix then went to celebrate his birthday.

My oldest son was now a teenager! I could hardly believe it. It felt like only yesterday I was holding him in his little blue bundle, ecstatic.

His hair darkened even more. I think he looks a lot like me. Rosanna agrees.

I was surprised to see that Felix didn’t feel too embarrassed to give his stepmother a hug. I asked him about it, and he said that it wasn’t like he had any friends that would embarrass him. I was a bit worried about that. Could none of my children make friends?

That day, when Leti went to go to school, she called to us that there was a baby on the front lawn. I hurried outside to see a young girl, who had my hair. Next to her was a letter, and I read it.

Dear Ambrogio (and Rosanna)

This is your daughter, Ambrogio. I love her so much, but I can not support her. I am completely broke, I lost my job after I found out I was pregnant. I know you do not have a lot of money, either, but I think it would be best for my beautiful daughter if she lived with a proper family, with older siblings, and younger siblings which are to come. I know you will give her all the love that I am not able to.

Her name is Vicky. Vicky Knott. My name is the only thing I can give her.

Kimmy Knott

I took her inside, and showed the note to Rosanna. She agreed to take my daughter in. We decided to get her hair cut, which she liked a lot better.

I loved her instantly. There was no way that you could deny that she was my daughter. I felt bad for Kimmy, but she had abandoned her child rather than come to me for help. If she had told me about Vicky when she was first born, I would’ve paid child support, I would’ve done anything. But now Vicky was going to grow up without her mother.

I decided to teach her how to walk. I wasn’t sure when her birthday was, but I was sure it was soon, so I needed to teach her as many of the toddler skills as possible.

Rosanna decided to hit the gym, to give me time alone with my children.

She had recently taken to eating a lot of watermelons. She said that they help you to get your energy back after a workout. I pointed out she was a vampire and all she needed was plasma fruit or plasma juice.

But I guess she has a reason for whatever she does.


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Gen. 1 Chapter 10 Forever

As Kimmy and I were about to start saying our vows to each other, Rosanna ran towards us. I hadn’t seen her in a few days, and I wasn’t sure how she knew we were going to be out here and have out small ceremony.

“How dare you come into this house with your muscles and try to push me out of the way. I love Ambro’s children, and you’ve held one of them once! Ambro is way too nice, and deserves a lot better than you!” Rosanna screamed at Kimmy. I was shocked. Rosanna didn’t often argue with anyone. Kimmy looked shocked.

Of course, at this point, the sun starting to burn us, and Kimmy was trying to hurry us inside.

“I don’t know who this Rosanna girl thinks she is, but you should probably kick her out,” Kimmy muttered to me. That was it. I snapped.

“Rosanna is ten times the woman you’ll ever be, Kimmy Knott! How dare you come into my house and tell me to kick my flatmate out! I would be lost without her! We’re over, Kimmy!” I yelled at her. Kimmy stepped back in horror.

“What? You’re being ridiculous, Ambrogio!” she exclaimed. I shook my head.

“No, I’m not,” I replied.

“Fine! Fine!” she exclaimed, then turned to Rosanna, “Once you find out his little secret you’ll be out of here faster than he can say vampire.” She stalked off to the house.

She got changed, and left the house. It was the last we ever saw of her.

We went into the house and I hugged Rosanna closely. I wanted to be with her, but I had to be honest with her first.

“Rosanna,” I started, and she shook her head, smiling at me.

“I already know. You’re a vampire. Felix told me,” she whispered.

She held her arm out to me.

“Turn me, Ambro,” she whispered. I shook my head.

“I can’t doom you to an everlasting night, Rose. You are a beautiful, kind woman, you deserve much better,” I murmured. Rosanna closed her eyes and looked at me carefully.

“This is what I want, Ambro. I want to be with you forever,” she said.

I bent down and bit into her arm, careful not to take any of her blood. I wouldn’t drink her blood.

As I stepped back, I knew I did it right.

We held each other close. It was nice to be able to hold her in my arms, finally. My beautiful Rosanna, she was all mine.

But we had to let go of each other because there was a birthday to celebrate. Rosanna took Leti up to the cake.

We stepped back as we watched my little girl become a child. It was hard to believe my children were growing up so fast.

She still looked a lot like her mother, but it didn’t give me the same pain it once did. She was my beautiful daughter.

I decided to propose to Rosanna. It was the third time in my life that I proposed to someone, but this time, this time I was sure it was the right person. She happily accepted.

We decided to get married right there in the living room. It reminded me of my first wedding, though I knew that one was completely different. I was marrying someone who truly loved me. I was marrying Rosanna Poole, who was now Rosanna Gilbert. My Rose, my wife.

I then took my wife to bed.


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Gen. 1 Chapter 9 An Engagement

Rosanna was very helpful, sending the bills off paid. She was so helpful, I had no idea how I managed without her before she lived here.

She still spent a lot of time with Letitia, as well, and Felix.

I, on the other hand, spent a lot of time with Kimmy, though I did try to make time for my children. I loved them all, though my children came before Kimmy.

After a few months of living with Kimmy, I decided it was time to do something.

I asked her to marry me, and she agreed!

When Rosanna found out she would never stay in the same room as Kimmy or I, which was a hard feat considering how small the house was, and she spent a lot of time with Letitia. I think she liked to pretend Leti was her daughter.

I spent the next few days watching my children and spending time with them. Felix was a good student, straight A’s. He was no genius, but a good student, and he liked to play chess, though he wasn’t very good at it yet.

Felix and Leti were still close, and still played together, regardless of the fact that Felix was in school and Leti wasn’t. They loved to play peek-a-boo together.

The day finally came. Kimmy and I decided to brave the sun together for a few hours, knowing that it wouldn’t hurt us straight away. When I saw her in her wedding dress, I was blown away. She looked amazing, I kissed her passionately, but as I broke away, all I thought off was it being Rosanna in her place.


AN~ I know, it’s a very short chapter, BUT it is for a reason. The next chapter will make up for it, I promise.


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Gen. 1 Chapter 8 A New Flatmate

This was Rosanna Poole. She replied to my ad in the newspaper about a flatmate very quickly. She had dreams of becoming a world-renowned surgeon. She also loved kids, so she didn’t mind being around Felix and Leti.

She walked into the house and hugged me, thanking me for letting her live with us. I assured her she was doing me a favour as much as she was doing one for me.

She then walked over to Leti and picked her up, playing with her. I knew then I had made a brilliant choice for my family.

I couldn’t help but notice, though, how beautiful Rosanna was. She was unlike Jessica in every way, soft features, rather than harsh features, fair, and a good person. She was what I needed in my life. But I didn’t want to doom her to a life of vampirism, so I decided not to act on it. She didn’t know we were vampires. She thought we were just normal people.

Rosanna found out it was Felix’s birthday and hurried off to get a cake. She really was brilliant.

I took Felix to the cake, excited about him growing into a child. He would have to start school, he could start helping around the house, I could play games with him.

I put him down on the ground and stepped back.

My little boy was now a child! It had happened so quickly!

My boy was so handsome! I was pleased to see his hair had darkened a little bit as he grew. His hair colour wasn’t really that great before.

The first think Felix did was play chess with Rosanna, thanking her for the birthday cake. He was polite too!

In the morning I had a visitor. It was the bouncer from the club, but I noticed a bit of a difference with her, one I was expecting. Her skin, though dark, seemed paler, and her eyes glowed. I had turned her. I felt awful about it.

“What’s happening to me?” she asked desperately. She was searching for answers. I explained to her that I was a vampire, and when I drunk her blood I had accidentally turned her. She nodded. She took it very well, I thought, for someone who hadn’t chosen this life.

I invited her inside, warning her that we can’t be in the sun for too long. Before I knew it we were flirting with each other. I was shocked, in a way, but it made sense. It made me forget about my feelings for Rosanna, and I didn’t want to be along forever. Kimmy (which was her name) was already a vampire, through an accident.

I asked her if she wanted to move in, to be with others of her kind. She agreed ecstatically.

She got her stuff together and came back with her hair different. She told me her mohawk was only for her work as a bouncer. She then kissed me.

I decided then that I would forget about Rosanna. I couldn’t doom Rosanna, such a good person, to an eternal night. So I would be with Kimmy.

We then went to bed.

Kimmy was good with the kids as well. I was pleased.

I then went to tell Rosanna about the new living arrangements, and I couldn’t help but feel there was chemistry between us. She didn’t seem to be very pleased that Kimmy was now my girlfriend.

I knew I had to just leave Rosanna alone and let her do her own thing. My life was my kids, and Kimmy. Rosanna just happened to live here.


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