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Generation Six Chapter Ten Sanctuary

I was no longer at home, but Rose kept me updated on my little girls. They were growing up fast. Apparently Brigitte had grown quiet and sullen since I’d gone. She normally only talked to Aimee. My poor little girl. No father, and an absentee mother, through no fault of my own.

Awhile after I’d left it was Aimee and Brigitte’s birthday. They would be teenagers. I found the idea of that absolutely incredible. Those little girls, teenagers.

Rose gushed on about how beautiful they were and made sure to send me photos.

I had to agree when I saw the photos. They were absolutely gorgeous. And they deserved so much better than a mother that was away because of her head.

In the end, it was Papa who had me committed. They showed me pictures of what I looked like when I thought I was heavily pregnant, and I didn’t look pregnant at all. I got so angry, yelling at them all, screaming that my little Antoine was real. I pushed Ambro into the bookshelf, and I almost bit Papa. So they tell me. I can’t remember a bit of it.

But if I am like that it’s not safe for me to be around my daughters. That’s why Papa did it. I don’t blame him.

Rose soon told me that the girls had requested a move, but she didn’t want to move them unless I agreed, despite the fact that I didn’t get much a choice in it, anyway. After thinking it through, I told them that it was fine. My girls deserved  new start somewhere else.

They found a house in Starlight Shores, and Rose sent me the pictures.

I hoped they would be happy there.

Just as I was happy in my sanctuary with Antoine and Fletcher.


AN~ So Starlight Shores won that poll. 50% of the votes. I don’t know how long they’ll last there, but it’s where they are now and it’s helped me to form a plan for generation seven. 

This is the last chapter of Lilli’s gen. I know her gen was very short. I seem to be getting shorter as time goes by. The next update will be generation seven beginning! I can’t believe it!


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Generation Six Chapter Nine Antoine

My girls had quickly made friends at school, and started bringing them over. I wasn’t so sure that it was a good idea to have their friends over, it was a house of vampires and ghosts, after all, but Fletcher made sure to say stay out of their way and us adults were careful. After all, I used to always have Fletcher over when I was a child.

I was beginning to notice the differences between ghost Fletcher and my old Fletcher. Ghost Fletcher didn’t always seem quite there. He always snuck up behind people to scare them, being a ghost it was easy for him. He wasn’t the same as my old Fletcher, but it was the closest I would get and I was thankful for him at least.

I helped Rose have a makeover. It was the first time I’d ever seen her with her hair down. Was it weird to be jealous of your great great great great grandmother? Because she was so pretty.

I’d begun to feel sick so I told Rose that I thought I might be pregnant. I didn’t miss the look of pity on her face. She didn’t think it was possible. Ghost Fletcher might be, he was still dead.

Well it was possible, I was sure of it.

Rose’s medical test said that I wasn’t pregnant, but how else did you explain my growing stomach? All the signs pointed to pregnancy. Rose told me I didn’t even look pregnant, that it wasn’t real. But surely I knew my body better than she did?

My girls spent a lot of time in the sandpit. They loved it, Brigitte more than Aimee.

They were still close as ever, though.

I told Papa I was pregnant, and he seemed pretty happy, though there was a flicker of something in his eyes that I didn’t recognise. He put on a happy act for me at any rate. At least he wasn’t trying to convince me I was wrong.

It wasn’t long until I had my little boy, Antoine. He was just like Fletcher. A ghost. It completely bewildered me. How could I have a ghost baby?

Rosanna had talked to my pshychiatrist and I was started on some new medication after my pregnancy. Both her and the psychiatrist were convinced that little Antoine was a figment of my imagination, that my medication obviously wasn’t strong enough or good enough. I was hesitant to take it, but in the end I did. It would stop Rose bothering me. I would just have to be careful and not mention my baby boy around her.

I talked about him with Papa though, but he didn’t want to listen. He had to tell me Antoine wasn’t real. No one could see him. Not even Ambrogio, and he was the most open to seeing ghosts.

I wouldn’t believe him. Months went by and my little boy was as strong as ever. He was still there, always there. Papa and Rose and Ambro all told me he wasn’t. I didn’t know what to believe.

But how could I not believe in that beautiful little boy of mine?


AN~ The poll for where they will move next is still open. I think there will be one more mini-chapter and then I will close the poll and it will be the end of Lilli’s gen, and we will move on to gen 7!


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Generation Six Chapter Eight

After the funeral, Papa moved in to help out, knowing that I would be miserable and that Rose was busy with work, and Ambro had gotten back into inventing again. Support for me, and help to raise my girls.

According to Papa and Rose and Ambro I was having odd moments that I couldn’t remember afterwards. All of them were extremely worried, but none more so than Rose. I think she was reminded of her daughter so long ago.

Papa was amazing, though. I loved living with him again. I’d seen him since my parents had divorced, but I had been a little girl when he moved away. I had my Papa again.

Of course, being human, he had his birthday not long after he moved in. He retired, and was going to be the full time carer of my daughters, giving me a chance to do what I loved. Photography.

I didn’t really enjoy it anymore, though. After losing Fletcher, I didn’t really enjoy much.

He was so good with my girls, not that I was surprised. A doting Grandpere. Just what my girls would need growing up.

My gorgeous little girls. Aimee was having a bit of trouble with blocks and having little tantrums if she couldn’t get the block in the hole, but she got there quickly and her little tantrums were adorable.

It wasn’t that long until Brigitte and Aimee’s birthday when I saw him. He wasn’t a solid figure like I normally saw Axton as, but a ghost. A very dark red ghost. I knew Ambrogio used to work as a ghosthunter, so I decided to bring Fletcher with me to show Ambro, so he could confirm he was there. Because if Fletcher wasn’t really there… in my mind was going even worse…

No. I wouldn’t even finish that thought.

I explained to Ambro that I thought I had just seen the ghost of Fletcher, and he asked me to ask Fletcher to come in to the room, to see if he could see. I turned and called Fletcher into the room.

Ambrogio went right up to him and started talking to him. If Ambro could see him too, then he wasn’t a figment of my mental disorder.

Soon, though, it was time for my girls to grow up.



Both were beautiful girls and would soon be starting school. I couldn’t believe how quickly time had passed. It had been a few months since Fletcher had died. But I had him again. I had my Fletcher with me again, and this time I wouldn’t take that for granted.

I had regretted nor marrying Fletcher. So I was going to marry him. Ghost or no, he was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

We wouldn’t legally be married. As far as the law was concerned, Fletcher was dead and he was gone. But we would have a wedding ceremony, we would be married in our hearts.

We had a beautiful place set up for our wedding.

And with that, I married my best friend, love of my life, and father of my daughters.

He may be a ghost, not fully Fletcher, but he was Fletcher where it mattered.


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Generation Six Chapter Seven

Late. Fletcher was home late. According to his boss, he hadn’t turned up to work, either.

I was panicking. What had happened that he couldn’t ring me, let me know where he was?

Had he left me permanently? Had enough of my insanity?

Thoughts whirred through my head, and I wasn’t any calmer when my phone started ringing and it was an unknown number.

“Lilliana Gilbert?”

“Yes, that’s me.”

“I hate that I have to do this, but I have to inform you that your partner, Fletcher Noir, was in a car accident this morning. He didn’t make it.” I almost dropped the phone.

“He can’t die in a car accident, he’s  vampire,” I insisted.

“I know, miss, but he insisted on trying to help the other people involved out of the cars… he was out in the sun too long, Ms. Gilbert.”

“No! Stop it! Stop saying this! Stop lying to me! NO!” I cried into the phone.

“I’m sorry miss.” I hung up the phone, not wanting to listen anymore. The idea that Fletcher – my Fletcher – was gone…

Why? Why did this have to happen? Whoever caused this accident was in for trouble.

I could feel my mind trying to pull me away from reality, but I tried to force myself to stay. I had a funeral to organise and daughters to raise.

Neither of us knew many people, so it was very quick to ring around. Both of my parents could hear how upset I was before I’d told them anything. They offered support, and both promised to come to the funeral.

In the end I couldn’t go to the funeral. Fletcher was being buried in our backyard, so he would be close to me and the girls, but I couldn’t face the funeral. Not with the people there. His parents didn’t approve of me, after what happened when I found out I was pregnant, didn’t approve of the fact that Fletcher and I wouldn’t get married.

If only he could come back, I would. If that would make him be with me forever, then I would marry him.

After everyone had left I went down to his grave with Rose. There were flowers laid next to his grave. I stared down at the grave for awhile. That was where my darling Fletcher was now. I could never hug him or kiss him again. I would never feel his hand on my cheek as he stared at me with those loving eyes.

It was all too much. The thought of never seeing him again… I cried for what felt like hours.

After awhile I went inside to find my girls. I needed them close to me, otherwise something might happen to them too. I couldn’t lose them.

My beautiful little girls, both part Fletcher, would grow up not knowing their father. They didn’t deserve that. Why couldn’t they have their father? Why couldn’t I have my Fletcher? Why weren’t we allowed to be happy? There was a cruel god or creator out there, making sure my family always got the worst of it. My grandmother had grown up without either of her parents. Mum had lost her little boy, and I had lived my entire life with a psychological disorder. And now I’d lost Fletcher. My girls… my poor daughters.

I put down Brigitte for fear of dropping her and cried again. It was going to be a difficult few months.

Rose walked in to the playroom, and saw how upset I was. She suggested that I go over to their little cottage, and she’ll watch the girls for awhile, give me time to myself. I agreed, and walked across to their cottage.

When I walked in, I saw him. Standing there, smiling. As if nothing had happened. And nothing had happened to him. He had plagued me my entire life, but he didn’t know Fletcher.

Having no energy to do anything else, I threw myself on his shoulder and cried.



AN~ Please don’t hate me. 


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Generation Six Chapter Six Twins

It quickly became apparent that my twin daughters were very attached to each other.

I loved watching them play together. They were always so happy, babbling to each other in their own language. I couldn’t understand a word they said, and they hadn’t learned to talk yet, but they seemed to understand each other. It was touching to see how close they were, and it made me sad that I had missed out on a sibling. I had Axton… sometimes, when my mind wasn’t coping with something, but it definitely wasn’t the same. I wasn’t even sure if that’s what my little brother would have looked like. He looked like a male form of Mum, with Papa’s hair, and random green eyes from nowhere. My imagination, mixing things up…

I was glad my girls had each other. They adored each other.

Ambrogio also spent a lot of time in there with him. I wasn’t sure why they still lived with us… or rather, why we still lived with them, but it was a good arrangement. I wasn’t always available fully in my mind for Aimee and Brigitte, and Fletcher worked, so having Ambro helped, and Rose’s income really helped as well.

I was getting better, slowly. I’d started more medication, though it had meant that my babies had to be bottle fed from birth. I hadn’t seen Axton since they were born, but my mind still wandered. I had blank moments from time to time, and someone would tell me they saw me talking to myself during those blank moments. One time I could’ve sworn I was talking to Fletcher, but Ambro reminded me that Fletcher was at work. If I didn’t have those girls to look after, I probably wouldn’t be trying to get better so much. But those girls, my daughters, Aimee and Brigitte… they were the absolute world for me, and I couldn’t hurt them, or Fletcher. My wonderful Fletcher, who was there with me despite everything.

It wasn’t long until the girls were ready to learn how to walk. At first they wouldn’t do anything, but when we separated them they learned really quickly, which was great. We had attempted trying to teach them to talk, and they had grasped a few words, but they still babbled to each other in their own language. It worked for them.

Believe me, when they were apart, you knew about it. Every now and then you’d hear a loud cry and a ‘I WAN TWINNY!’ and you knew that something had separated them, even if it was just a door. I’d begun to worry that they were too attached to each other, but Rose assured me that it was fine. She’d had twin daughters too, she told me, long ago, and they had been great friends, until… something happened? I’m not sure. She didn’t tell me. She told me one of those twin daughters was my ancestor. Grandma’s grandmother or something like that.


They didn’t play together all the time. As long as they were in the same room, they were happy. Aimee’s favourite toy was the xylophone, though he didn’t always use it the right way. But Rose told me that putting things in their mouth was a way for them to test things, to find out what they were. I guess it made sense, but that worried me a little. What if she put something dangerous in her mouth? After that I went around the house making sure there was nothing dangerous in her reach that she could put in her mouth.

Brigitte’s favourite was the block table. The ecstatic expression on her face when she was at the table was cute, and so funny. She was such a happy girl. So was Aimee.

My happy girls. Fletcher. Our little family was the world to me.


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Generation Six Chapter Five Adored

I woke up having no idea where I was. The room was empty and white and there were no windows. I looked around, when I heard a voice. A very familiar voice. I looked in the corner where there was a chair, and someone sitting it.

“Axton? What’s going on?”

“What do you think is going on, Lilli? Where do you think you are?” he asked softly. I shook my head.

“No. No no no. He wouldn’t…”

“Maybe he doesn’t love you after all, Lilli. He’s realised how odd you are and doesn’t want you after all,” he said. I shook my head, denying it. It couldn’t be true. Fletcher loved me. He would’ve had me commited for me, for my safety, for the baby’s safety.

The baby! I quickly pressed my hand to my stomach, and relaxed when I felt it press back.

“Lilliana. You’ll be okay in here. You won’t be alone. I’ll be here,” Axton said. I shook my head.

“No, you won’t. I believe that you were real, didn’t I? I really did go mad. I am mad. Insane. But you don’t exist. You never existed. Leave me alone,” I said. And with that I watched him disappear in front of my eyes, but I felt uneasy. What would stop me from having another episode like that? I was psychotic. I’d always been psychotic, but it had always been dealt with. There was nothing stopping this from happening again, especially if I ever was pregnant again.

Soon Fletcher came to visit me, and I didn’t hesitate from yelling at him. How could he put me in this lonely, desolate place? He promised me that when the baby was born I could come home, because I’d be able to go back on my medication. Baby… I looked down at my stomach. Even though I didn’t want it, I’d grown to love it. The love I had for this child was what was making me strong enough to tell Axton… no, my hallucinations, to leave. To force them from my mind.

“I”m sorry, Lilli. I know you hate it here, I don’t blame you. But you worried me so much. I had to do what I could to keep you safe. To keep our baby safe, but most of all, you. I love you so much, I can’t have anything happen to you,” Fletcher pleaded, “I’m sorry.”

“I understand, Fletch.”

“Your hands are so warm,” I said as I took his hands in mine, “Warmth. You bring warmth with you, Fletcher.” Fletcher grinned a little bit.

“Your lips are warm,” he said after kissing me softly, “So warm, and so soft.” I blushed. It wasn’t long until Fletcher had to go. I wasn’t allowed visitors for too long. It was just me, alone.

When I felt the baby kick, I had to remind myself that I wasn’t alone. I had my child with me.

When I had my phone privileges I used them to send Fletcher a ‘sing-o-gram’, something I’d just hear about. He couldn’t visit often, because of work and my limited visiting hours, but I wanted to remind him that I loved him. More than anything.

It wasn’t long until I went into labour, and I was rushed to the actual hospital. Fletcher met me there, and after hours I gave birth to a beautiful daughter.

We named her Brigitte, deciding to use a French name due to my father, and Fletcher’s French heritage. She was gorgeous and everyone adored her. And there was another person to adore, as well.

That other person was Brigitte’s twin sister, Aimee! She surprised us all when the doctor said there was another one! But she was equally adorable and loved.

Brigitte and Aimee. My gorgeous daughters.


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Generation Six Chapter Four Axton

Vomiting. It wasn’t pretty, and it wasn’t much fun. It was also concerning, because vampires don’t get sick. Not physically, anyway. There was only one thing it could be, but I refused to believe it.

But it kept happening, and I had to face the fact that I could be pregnant.

I had sworn not to have children. After my mother, Axton… I couldn’t. I didn’t want to.

It wasn’t long and it was confirmed. I was pregnant. I was going to be a mother. I was going to go through childbirth.

I walked out of the living room to go have a lie down in my room when I saw him, standing in the middle of the hallway. I almost screamed. This couldn’t be happening. No. No no no no no. He wasn’t real. I closed my eyes tight, then opened them, and still, he was standing there.

“Go away! Go away! Get away from me! Get out of my head! You’re not real! I know you’re not real! You died! You were never even alive! You were stillborn! Mum gave birth to you but you were stillborn! GO AWAY!” I screamed. I probably sounded like a complete maniac, but I don’t think anyone else was home.

“But you can see me, Lilli. So what does that tell you?” he asked.

“That I’m unhinged. That I’m sick and that you need to leave and I need to make you leave!” I exclaimed.

“What if they were wrong. What if they’re just not looking hard enough?”


I closed my eyes tight again, and when I opened them a minute later he was gone.

I got my phone out and made a phone call to the one person I knew could help me but I could never fully trust again. My mother. She got me the help I needed last time and I knew she would again.

I had a good talk with my mother. She told me that since I was pregnant, the doctors probably wouldn’t want me taking any drugs or anything. That anytime I was having trouble to talk to someone, and if no one else was available, to call her, no matter what time it was. To keep a level head. Anytime I saw him…

I couldn’t believe this was happening to me again. I knew it was because I was feeling overwhelmed with being pregnant, with the idea of children. But I had good reason to be overwhelmed. If this was happening to me, I would be a terrible mother. I was going to be horrible.

When Fletch got home from work I went to tell him everything, but I was stopped at telling him I was pregnant. He was just so happy. How could I take that happiness away from him.

“I’m gonna be a Dada?” he asked. I nodded, trying to smile.

“You’re gonna be a Dada,” I confirmed.

He insisted on feeling my tummy even though I had no sort of baby bump yet. He was so happy…

I saw Axton and I started yelling at him. This time Rose found me, and she started crying. I’m not sure why, but she handed me a piece of paper, with a name of a doctor.

Later that night I went to the hospital to get some medical advice. They said the same thing Mum had said. That I couldn’t be put on any anti-psychotics while pregnant. I’d just have to get through this pregnancy.

Did they not understand that it was the pregnancy that was making me like this? I was going insane! I was insane, I was already insane, and it was because of this stupid fetus.

One day I went over to Ambro and Rose’s little cottage, and he standing there. Just standing by the wall. I really started yelling. How dare he show up!

“Just GO AWAY!”

“Lilliana, if I wasn’t real, could I do this?” he asked. I looked at him, bemused.

“Do what?”

He put his hand on my small baby bump and started to feel the baby. And I could feel his hand. How would I feel his hand if it wasn’t real? A trick of the imagination. He wasn’t there! But I could see him, and I could feel him. I could… I could…

Then I hugged him. I hugged my brother. I knew then he must be real. There was no other explanation. I couldn’t hug thin air. I wouldn’t feel his arms round me, him feeling my baby bump, if he wasn’t real.

I was still talking to Axton when Fletcher walked into the room.

“Who are you talking to, Lilli?” he asked.

“My brother, Axton,” I looked at Fletcher, “My brother Axton, he’s here. Can’t you see him?”

I turned back to Axton, and he was gone.

“Axton! Where did you go! Come back! Come back! Don’t leave me, Axton! They’re going to think I’m mad! I’m not mad! Axton! AXTON! Don’t do this! COME BACK! COME BACK! AXTON!”


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