A Dash of Magic – A TS3 Legacy

Hi all Gilbert readers, new and old. For some reason the Gilberts are still getting traffic which makes me feel all tingly on the inside.

I have some news! Despite the fact that I am doing a TS4 ISBI, trying to finish the Kleoses, writing an eight fic fanfic series, writing an original novel, and starting a computing admin course in just one week, I have started a new TS3 legacy!

Why TS3 and not TS4?

Well, the idea I had worked better with TS3. Also. TS3 has more options at the moment. Maybe once there are more EP’s for TS4 I’ll do a TS4 legacy but I have the ISBI for now.

This legacy is called ‘A Dash of Magic’ and I’m posting it on my simblr page! You can find it here.

I only just started it yesterday.

I am also continuing the Kleoses on that same simblr because I lost the save for it.

If you decide to read aDoM, I hope you enjoy 🙂


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