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Generation Five Chapter Eleven

Over the next few months it became obvious the Lilli was much better. She hadn’t seen him at all, and she wasn’t acting oddly in any way. Also, over the next few months, Lilli and Angelina grew a lot closer. To make things easier for them both, we referred to them as cousins, and Lilli called Ambro and Rose Uncle Ambro and Auntie Rose, and Angelina called me Auntie Siobhan.

One day I got a call from our neighbour. Their cat had just had a littler of kittens, and, knowing I had a little girl, they wondered if I wanted to get a kitten. After some thought, I decided that we would get a kitten.

I went over to the neighbours house, and chose out a kitten. It was a boy, by the name of Twink. I decided that we’d keep the name it was given. I didn’t want to confuse the poor thing.

Twink was cute and absolutely tiny. He could fit in my hand.

I took Twink home and then quickly went out to get some things for him, like a litterbox, a food bowl, some toys, and a cat bed.

The cat bed was huge compared with the size of little Twink, but I knew Twink would grow.

I hadn’t told Lilli that I was getting a kitten, and I got it all organised while she was at school. I had taken some time off work, and I was close to quitting, actually. It wasn’t important to me anymore. The only thing important to me now was Lilli, and I still wished I had realised that long before I did.

When Lilli got home from school, I told her there was a surprise for her in the living room. She went into the living room, and when she saw Twink she screamed and ran to him, picking him up.

“Awwww,” she cooed.

“His name is Twink,” I told her.

“He’s so cute. I love him. Thank you, Mummy,” she said. I stared at her in shock. She had called me Mummy. She hadn’t called me Mummy since Alexandre had left. I felt tears coming to my eyes and I had to leave the room. I knew I was doing the right thing. Repairing the relationship between myself and my daughter, and putting her first.


AN~ This is a very short chapter, I know, and it is also the last Siobhan chapter. Next chapter will be starting with Lilliana, which I’m quite looking forward to! I know Siobhan’s generation seems to have been dragging on for ages. I’m sorry. So much has gone on in the last few months, with NaNoWriMo and my trip to Australia. I’m starting study soon, so I imagine updates will continue to be once a week, or maybe less, but I’ll try to keep them regular. 



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Generation Five Chapter Ten

Trying to explain to Alexandre what I had just seen was one of the most difficult things I’d ever done on my life.

“Well, Siobhan, if you had been there for her…” he started to say after some silence.

“Don’t lecture me, Alexandre! I know I acted badly. I just thought I should tell you, since she’s your daughter, and also to let you know that I’m going to talk to Rose, and see if she can refer me to a psychiatrist. Unless you have a better idea,” I said.

“No, that sounds good. Please keep me updated, and…”

“What, Alexandre?” I asked. There was silence on the line for a minute.

“Tell Lilli I love her, and that I’ll see her soon,” he said.

“Of course.” I hung up the phone, to turn around to see Rose. Super vampire hearing. Right.

“You needed me?” Rose asked. I nodded, explaining what I had just seen and heard, with Lilli seeming to be talking to… talking to Axton. Rose’s face was full of sympathy.

“Oh, hun,” she said, “That must be hard for you.” I shook my head.

“It’s not myself I’m concerned about. I need to help Lilli before I even think about myself. I’ve made that mistake before, and look at what’s happened,” I said. Rose said, and thought a moment.

“I know the perfect psychiatrist. Dr. Elinor White, she specialises in children’s mental health.

That was how we ended up in a psychiatrist’s office just a couple of days later, a special favour to Rose.

Dr. White was very nice, and very understanding.

“This sort of thing can often happen when children have an emotional upheaval, and by the sounds of it, a lot has gone on for Lilliana lately,” she said. I nodded.

Lilli, of course, chose this moment to act up to what I was telling Dr. White.

Dr. White then talked to Lilli for awhile. Because I was out of the room, I couldn’t hear what was being said.

I did, though, catch the look on Dr. White’s face.

She then talked to the both of us for awhile. Lilli seemed fine talking with me at this point, though the last time she had talked to me, she had screamed at me and refused to talk to me the next two days.

Sending Lilli out of the room, Dr White then talked to me.

“It seems apparent to me that your daughter is having psychotic episodes. This can be brought on by a number of things, which hopefully we can diagnose, but I will prescribe some anti-psychosis meds to deal with the psychosis for now. I nodded, overwhelmed. Rose had mentioned before a daughter who had been insane. I wondered if it ran in the family.

“My grandmother, or great grandmother’s sister was insane and spent most of her life in the mental hospital. Could it be… could it run in the family?” I asked. Dr. White studied me carefully.

“I know about your family, and Rose mentioned this daughter before. Benedetta, I believe her name is. Rose keeps a close eye on her, still. It could be a family thing, but with that sort of distance, it’s not very likely,” she said. I nodded.

“Thank you, Doctor,” I replied, and we headed home, stopping to pick up the prescription first.

I discovered very quickly how difficult it would be to give Lilli her meds. When we got in the door, Lilli started yelling at me, saying there was nothing wrong with her and she wouldn’t take the medicine.

So, I did some Mummy tricks that I learned from my mother.

Lilliana loved her juice, so before I would give some to her, I would mix the meds in the juice, making sure she couldn’t see me, and giving it to her.

It seemed to be working, because over the next few days I didn’t hear Lilli talk to herself or do anything odd, for which I was grateful. I tried to spend time with her, to make up for my earlier absence, but she wouldn’t always accept me being there.

One thing she always accepted, though, was a pone call from Papa.

She was on the phone with Alexandre every day, and I was glad that they had such a brilliant relationship, but I wished that I had that kind of relationship with Lilli as well.

I knew it was my fault. I messed up a lot. I missed Alexandre, but I realised it wouldn’t have worked out anyway. We had argued so much beforehand. We weren’t suited to each other.

I blamed myself for the ruined marriage, and for Lilli’s issues. All I could do now was help her.


AN~ I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year! I had a brilliant holiday in Australia, but I am very glad to be home. 

I had a very interesting time, preparing for the chapter (and next gen) by looking up mental disorders. I never thought I’d be doing that when I started the Gilberts, but that’s where it’s going now. 

I’m not sure when the next chapter will be, but hopefully it won’t be anymore than a week. This weekend my friend and I are having a simming weekend, so I’ll probably get some Gilbert playing time in then. 


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Generation Five Chapter Nine

Alexandre’s POV

You know that feeling when you can feel the world crashing around you? That was how I felt right at that point.

I was at work when Siobhan went into labour, and Ambrogio called me. I went to the hospital as quickly as I could, and when I arrived they told me that I couldn’t go in there with Siobhan, there had been some complications and they had taken her to have en emergency caesarean section.

Complications. That was the only word I heard. I was terrified. They couldn’t tell me anything else, whether it was life threatening or not. All they could tell me was ‘unexpected complications’.

Finally, after what seemed to me a year but was really only a few hours, they told me that my wife was fine. My wife was now in great health, but our son hadn’t survived. Our son, our beautiful son Axton, didn’t make it.

They placed the shell of our son in the crib in the room Siobhan was in, so she could see him just one time. I sat down on the chair next to Siobhan’s bed,and waited for her to wake up, waited to tell her the life-shattering news.

When Siobhan woke up she was a little disorientated, and couldn’t remember much. As soon as she remember about being taken in for surgery, she looked at my expression, and her face fell.

“Alexandre? My son?” she asked. I shook my head, tears falling freely. Her eyes misted over.

“He didn’t make it, love. He’s over in that crib, so you could see him, just one time.” She gulped, and looked over at the crib, crying heavily.

“My son…” she whispered.

After she calmed herself down, she got up from her bed and walked over to the crib, staring down at the seemingly sleeping form of our son.

“D’you think… d’you think I could h-hold him?” she asked.

“I-I don’t see why you shouldn’t,” I said, my voice heavy. She reached down and picked up our son.

She held the baby close to her, cuddled him tightly.

“Axton, my beautiful Axton. You’re in a much better place now,” she whispered, then placed him back in the crib, turning to look at me with tears sparkling in her eyes.

“Take me home. Take him home. We need to bury him,” she muttered.

We buried him next to the ashes of Siobhan’s grandmother, Louise, knowing she would look after him.

Siobhan went out and visited every night. We could hear her mourning from the house. I couldn’t bear it, I wouldn’t go anywhere near that part of the yard. The idea of my baby son being buried there… it was too terrible. I couldn’t face it.

We locked the door of the nursery that had been prepared for his arrival. We couldn’t bear to go in there, take the crib apart that we no longer needed. We would unlock it in a few years, when we could cope with it better, but no one was going to go anywhere near the room for awhile.

I spent all my spare time with my daughter. Losing a child seemed to make me want to spend even more time with the one I had. Lilli was my comfort, but it also hurt to look at her sometimes. She lived… why couldn’t Axton?

I think the hurt won out with Siobhan. She wouldn’t look at Lilli and couldn’t even be in the same room as her. Siobhan threw herself into her work. When I tried to talk to her she wouldn’t. She was bottling everything up.

When she wasn’t working, she was in our room, brooding. Napping. Either way, she had become a shell of her former self. I missed Siobhan, the woman I had fallen in love with.

Lilli’s birthday passed without any celebration. Siobhan was holed up in our room at the time, but I made sure to wish her a happy birthday.

After another few weeks, I couldn’t take it anymore. I went to talk to Siobhan.

“Siobhan, I know it’s hard, but we have to move on with our lives. Your daughter has started school, and you haven’t even realised it! She barely remembers having a mother, even though you’re always here when she is! She never sees you, and she needs you, Siobhan!” I said. Siobhan looked at me with such hate in her eyes I took a step back.

“I never wanted her, Alexandre! I never wanted children, or maybe in the distant future, but it was something I really wanted. Then you got me pregnant, and I fell in love with that little girl, and thought I wanted another child. Then I lost that child! I lost my son that I had wanted. This pain that I feel, it’s your fault. If I never met you I wouldn’t know what I was missing. I wouldn’t feel terrible for losing my son. My son!”

“It is no one’s fault, Siobhan,” I said quietly, trying not to show the hurt I was feeling, “These things happens, and we have to move past them. Never forget it, no, but carry on with our lives. We have a daughter to raise.”

“No, Alexandre. You have a daughter to raise. I can’t do this anymore. It’s oer. Go, and take her with you. All she does is remind me of my pain,” Siobhan said. I nodded, looking at her carefully.

“Okay, I’ll go, but I’m leaving Lilli here, until I find somewhere of my own, at least,” I replied, but Siobhan had already turned away from me and sat down on the bed. I left the room to go look for Lilli.

She was in the study, which was right next to our bedroom, and from the look on her face I knew she had heard everything.

“Oh, ma fille bien-aimée!” I exclaimed, walking over to her to give her a hug.

“Je t’aime, Lilli. I will always love you,” I whispered.

“I want to come with you, Papa,” she said. I shook my head.

“No, darling, I have nowhere to go. I will stay with Tante Lucille and Uncle Seamus for awhile, until I find somewhere, and then you can come with me,” I said.

“I want you to stay,” she said.

“No, sweetheart. I’m sorry,” I said. She kissed my cheek, and I said good bye before leaving the house and walking towards Lucille and Seamus’s house.


It was a week when Siobhan noticed something strange. She went upstairs, looking for Lilli, when she heard a voice in the playroom. It sounded as if Lilliana was talking to someone. 

Siobhan opened the door just a little, to see Lilliana acting as if she was talking to someone, but no one else was there. It was then that she heard something that made her gasp. 

“Axton, Papa will always love us, you know.” 

Siobhan walked in to the room, and Lilliana looked around at her. 

“Who are you talking to, Lilli?” Siobhan asked. 

“Go away!” Lilliana screamed at her, “I want Papa! Where is Papa?” Siobhan stared at her, before walking out of the room, deciding to make a phone call to Alexandre. 

Lilliana, on the other hand, took her brother in to his room and gave him a hug, whispering that she loved him and would always look after him. 


AN~ Well that was a very emotionally draining update to write. As you can see, I’m setting everything up for Lilli’s gen, though there will be one or two more updates for Siobhan. Which will more than likely be more set up for Lilli. 

Yes, Lilli has the insane trait. 🙂

I hope you all have a great Christmas and New Years, and I looked forward to continuing the Gilberts next year. 


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Generation Five Chapter Eight

My daughter was both beautiful, and very clever. Perhaps it was the vampire thing, but she learned to walk very quickly.

I absolutely adored that little angel. I had never thought that having my own child would be so absolutely wonderful and amazing, but it was. I couldn’t imagine my life without her.

But she was growing up quickly.

I decided to talk to Alex, and he agreed. We would try for another child.

It was definitely fun trying, anyway!

Soon, it was time for Angelina’s birthday. I asked Rosanna and Ambro how they felt, watching their little girl grow up. They said that they enjoyed it, watching her become a wonderful young woman. I guess they’ve raised and helped to raise enough children that it doesn’t bother them so much to see them grow.

Angelina was a very beautiful young girl.

Rose dealt with watching her daughter become a teenager by spending time with her toddler great great great… whatever granddaughter. I guess being able to see your descendants grow up would be an excellent experience.

Lilli was absolutely adorable, and I soon found out I would have another child, a younger sibling for my beautiful daughter.

I found out from Rose I was having a boy, and Alexandra and I decided on a name. Axton Gilbert. He would be the most handsome boy in all of Riverview, and I couldn’t wait to hold him in my arms.

I spent my pregnancy on one-on-one time with Lilli, because I knew I wouldn’t have much of that once my little Axton arrived.


AN~ A little on the short side, but there is a reason for that! There will be ONE more update this year, and it will be within the next two or three days. I’m going on holiday to Australia over New Years and won’t be back  until the 12th of January, and I should be able to start updates again from them. 


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Generation Five Chapter Seven

Time went by, and soon Angelina was a child. Yes, that much time went by. Alexandre wasn’t pleased that we still hadn’t had any children.

Of course, it wouldn’t remain that way forever. Chugging my breakfast into the toilet was a fairly good tip off to me that I was pregnant, since vampires tend not to get sick. I wasn’t exactly pleased, I was close to a promotion to be the anchor at work, but obviously that would be put off.

Alexandre was right. I did have more time. Plenty of time. But that didn’t mean I had to like waiting.

I was working from home when I got a call from Rosanna, confirming that I was indeed pregnant. The idea that there was someone growing inside of me, someone that I had to care for, was both amazing and terrifying.

When Alexandre got home from visiting Lucille I hurried over to him to tell him the new. He was very pleased, and I was happy that he was happy. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad. I was extremely close to the top, and I was sure I would get that promotion when I got back to work.

Time went on, and we found out that Lucille was pregnant, a month or two further along than me, and we received a picture in the mail from Mum of my new sister, Aoibheann. She was a clone of Mum, from what Ambrogio and Rosanna said.

Babies, everywhere. It was funny how it all seemed to happen at the same time.

I found out from Rosanna that I was having a little girl, which made it easier for Alexandre and I to pick out a name.

We heard that Lucille had given birth, so I made my way to Lucille and Seamus’s place to meet their little girl, Emilie. I was puzzled by her black hair, but Lucille assured me it was the colour of her mothers hair.

Emilie was adorable and it just made me excited to have my own little girl, soon.

It wasn’t long until I went into labour. Such intense pain, I went back to my original want of not actually wanting this.

In the end, though, I got my little girl. Little Lilliana.

My little beautiful Lilliana.



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Generation Five Chapter Six

Chapter six already? Wow. Carrying on…

The early days of marriage were fantastic.

Like most newlyweds, we couldn’t keep our hand off each other.

Of course, life couldn’t be spent together half naked. We had jobs to do. Lifes to rum. Chores.

Our washer had recently broken, so I got to go to the laundromat, during the day, and wait around there for two hours. Yay.

It would’ve been okay if there were some decent people to talk to.

Unfortunately, the people there were boring with no interesting life story or anything that I could use in an article or anything.

Not that I had to worry about reporting. I had become the weatherwoman for the Riverview news team. It meant I was on regularly, and I got paid a decent amount.

However, as things went well on the job front, they didn’t do too well on the personal level.

Alex had taken a liking to Angelina and couldn’t wait to have a child of his own. I wanted to wait awhile.

As you can imagine, this caused a lot of arguments, one I generally won with the ‘I’m the one that would have to carry it, it’s up to me‘ card. I felt guilty though. It was something he wanted, just as badly as I wanted to reach the top of my career. But then I remembered he put a stop to my career hopes all that time ago.

It pleased me slightly, to be doing the same thing to him.

I think the final straw for him was when we found out my parents were having another baby (I know, it’s weird.)

“You’re a workaholic, Siobhan. You want to wait until you’re ready, but you’re never going to be ready, are you? Because it would mean time away from your precious job. Your job will still be there when you get back. You have a long time to get ahead in your career. I don’t have the same amount of time as you, Siobhan! I don’t have the same amount of time to wait for a child!”

“I offered to turn you, but you didn’t want to! Lucille, Rose, they offered to turn you! You know how that makes me feel, knowing you want to leave me one day? Yes, I know I have longer to wait than you, but so many people wait until they’re forty to have children, and we’re nowhere near that age yet. You seem to think that because I’m a vampire I don’t have a concept of time. I do! I know you don’t have forever. I remember that every day when I look at you and I see a weak human as my husband!” I turned, fuming, and left him standing there.

I was in the hot tub, calming myself down, when Alexandre hopped in next to me.

“I’m sorry, Siobhan. You’re right. But… I just really want to children. I want to prove to myself I’m a better person than my father, and that I can be a good dad. I want to hear the pitter patter of little feet.”

“You are better than your father. And I do want to hear that, too. You’re right, about me being a workaholic. You’re right about me having more time for my career, but you not having as much time for children. I-I don’t think I’m ready quite yet, but I’m ready to really consider it,” I replied.

“I love you.”

“I love you, too.”


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Generation Five Chapter Five

Lucille’s POV

You’re probably wondering what is going on here, right?

Well, after becoming such good friends with Siobhan, and mon frere marrying her, I got to know her family pretty well. And I met Seamus.

Sure, he was a little younger than me, but we were vampires.

Mon frere had always expected me to marry some famous actor, and then when I ‘died’ his hopes for me ever finding someone disappeared. I’m not sure why. Maybe he thought I’d need someone flamboyant.

Non. I need someone simple. I want someone simple.

And you can’t help who you fall in love with, can you?

I had fallen deeply for Seamus Gilbert.

I loved spending all my time with him. Siobhan and Alexandre didn’t notice how little time I spent with them, due to being newlyweds. They spent most of their time together, in the bedroom, I imagine.

Seamus Gilbert was the one for me. J’étais amoureuse.

It was with some anticipation that I met Seamus at the restaurant in Riverview one night. I was going to against most normal traditions this night, but that was who I was. I went against traditions.

We were about to go into the restaurant when I couldn’t take it anymore. I decided to go the whole way, and dropped on way knee, proposing to mon amour, to Seamus Gilbert.

I guess it was just lucky he accepted. I have no idea what I’d have done if he didn’t.

After our date, instead of going home, I went straight to Siobhan, telling her that Seamus and I were getting married. She was more than a little surprised.

“Married? But I didn’t even know you guys were together!”

“Oui, well you have been busy in newlywed land, have you not?”

Seamus and I agreed on a small simplistic wedding before moving in together. He didn’t even get changed into any sort of formalwear.

And like that, we were married. To spend the rest of our existence together.

Note from Siobhan:

I must be one of the least observant people in the world. I mean, sure, I’d recently got married, I was extremely busy with work, and my best friend got married to my brother, but you’d have thought I’d have noticed Rose being pregnant. I’d have noticed a bump, right?


This little darling was Angelina, the fifth child of Rosanna and Ambrogio, the eighth child of Ambrogio alone, and, if you calculated it correctly, my great great aunt.

My great great aunt, younger than me.

Rosanna and Ambrogio probably could’ve done without having another child. It confuses everything more.

But if it makes them happy, then I guess I can’t do anything about it.


AN~ Sorry for any French I may (probably) have stuffed up. Anything I didn’t know myself I used google translate, so you can blame that. 


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