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Hey everyone. Not sure who still follows this blog, but if you do, or if you come across the Gilberts and want to keep up to date with what I’m up to, I want to let you know that I’ve started doing Sims Let’s Plays on Youtube!

My Youtube channel

I’m playing Sims 3 and Sims 4, and also doing other videos, fandom related and the occasional personal video.

Feel free to check it out!

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Journey Home

Journey Home is a story about Siobhan Gilbert. I originally posted it on my simblr, and you can find it here: Link. 

With how things are going on tumblr at the moment, I am wanting to start to move away. I’m not sure where I’ll head yet, but for now, I’m going to slowly rescue my sims stories (and my other fandom stuff). 

So I’m bringing Siobhan’s story over here. 



After my trip to Starlight Shores, to see my granddaughters and give my goodbyes to Alexandre, I arrived in Bridgeport.

I was ready for a new start. My ex-husband had died of old age, my daughter, dear Lilliana, was living in her own world, and my granddaughters were grown women with children of their own.

Eilidh looked so much like Lilli!

Bridgeport, I knew, would be a good place for a new start. There was a community of vampires there, and it was a loud bustling city, where it was easy to go unnoticed.


My first night in Bridgeport, I went out clubbing, wanting to meet other vampires. I ordered a drink and looked around. The club was pretty empty, but perhaps as the night went on, it would fill up.


I was surprised to feel a tap on my shoulder as I sat at the bar, and I turned around to see a familiar face.

“Siobhan!” she said happily, “Oh, it is so good to see you!”


“Lucille!” I pulled her into my hug. Despite what had happened between Alexandre and I, Lucille had remained my best friend, “What are you doing in Bridgeport?”

“I was going to ask you the same thing,” Lucille said, “It’s been so long, what, fifteen years?”

“Something like that,” I replied. Lucille and my brother Seamus, her husband, had moved away after their daughter Emilie grew up, and spent some time in France, Lucille and Alexandre’s home country.


“So, is Seamus around?” I asked, looking around to see if I could spot my brother. Lucille shook her head, looking at me hesitantly.

“When was the last time you spoke to Seamus?” Lucille asked. I frowned, thinking for a moment. While I did keep in touch with my siblings and other family, we didn’t feel the necessity to speak often. As vampires, we had forever, so often we only saw each other once a decade or so.

“I think it was seven years ago,” I said after a moment.

“We separated three years ago,” Lucille said, “It’s been difficult. Seamus moved to a small town, Appaloosa Plains, and I stayed in Champs Les Sims for awhile, and moved to Bridgeport six months ago.”

“I’m so sorry,” I said. Lucille and Seamus had always seemed so perfect for each other. Lucille waved a hand dismissively.

“It happened. Now we must move on, non?” Lucille said. I nodded in agreement, thinking of everything that had happened in my life that I needed to move on from.


We went out and danced for awhile, having a bit of fun. It was such a nice surprise, seeing Lucille, and it made this move worth it.


My apartment was closer, so after we got too tired to dance, we headed to my place, and lay on my bed, talking for hours. Lucille told me everything that had happened with her and Seamus, and I told her everything about Alexandre, Lilli, Brigitte and Aimee. She knew a little about how Alex and I had ended things, but neither of us had ever told her the full story.

“Everything is my fault,” I said, “If i’d been a more attentive mother, if I hadn’t let myself be swept up in mourning the loss of my son, Alex and I would have stayed together, Lilli would have been okay. Those girls, my granddaughters, wouldn’t have had to be raised my their grandfather. It was Alex who raised them, and I had nothing to do with them until I swept into their house a week ago! I’m such an awful person!”


“You’re not an awful person,” Lucille said, “You were dealt a difficult hand. Your son was stillborn, that’s a difficult thing to cope with. Your daughter was committed into a mental institute. You didn’t know what to do, but that doesn’t make you an awful person.”

“I couldn’t face Alex,” I said, sniffing, “He moved back in to help Lilli raise the girls after Fletcher’s death, and he raised them after Lilli was committed. After the way things ended, I couldn’t face him.”

“You loved him,” Lucille said softly.

“I still love him,” I said, “I always will, and now he’s dead.”

“Ah, mon frere,” Lucille said, “He was such a good person.”

“So protective of those he loved,” I said, the memory of when I first met Alexandre bursting into my mind, “Have you gone to see him?” Lucille shook her head.

“I said my good byes to him long ago,” Lucille said, “When we moved to France, I wasn’t sure if I would be back before he died of old age, so I said good bye to him then.”

“It took my too long to say good bye,” I said, my voice shaking, “I was heart broken, I couldn’t – I don’t know how I managed it last week.”

“Perhaps what you need is someone new,” Lucille said, “To move on.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” I said.

“You split up when your daughter was a child. You have teenage great-grandchildren now. It’s time,” Lucille said.



“Siobhan!” Lucille walked into my room. A few months had passed since I had moved to Bridgeport, and Lucille had moved in with me.

“Go ‘way,” I murmured.

“No. I found someone for you!” Lucille said, looking incredibly pleased with herself.

“Lucille, no,” I groaned.

“Just give it a go, please? One date?” Lucille asked. I sighed.

“Fine,” I said, “One.”

“Yay!” Lucille exclaimed, leaving my room again.


I got up and left my bedroom to see Lucille in the living room talking to a guy, who I assumed was the guy Lucille had found for me.

“Oh my God, Lucille, I’m in my nightie!” I exclaimed. I didn’t listen to Lucille’s response as I went into the bathroom and had a quick shower.


“Siobhan, this is Richard,” Lucille said after I was finished my shower, “Richard, meet Siobhan. Now, go on a date.”

“I’m sorry about her,” I said to Richard, gesturing towards Lucille, “She thinks interfering with things is helpful.”

“I don’t mind,” Richard said, smiling at me, “I’ve been on a number of dates et up by friends, but none of them were as beautiful as you.” I snorted.

“You must think you’re so smooth,” I said, “Alright. Let’s go on this date then.”


We went to the art museum, and it was pretty enjoyable. Richard was quite funny, and as the date went on, I found I actually quite liked him.


“I’ve had a pretty good time today, Siobhan,” Richard said.

“Same here,” I agreed.

“Would you want to do this another time?” Richard asked.

“I think I would,” I agreed. Richard bit his lip thoughtfully, mustering up some courage.

“Can I kiss you?” he asked. I nodded, and he leant forward, pressing his lips softly against mine.


“So how was it?” Lucille asked knowingly when I arrived home. I blushed.

“Shut up!” I said, going straight into my room. I didn’t want to give her the satisfaction.



Over the next couple of months, Richard I got to know each other a lot better, and he spent a lot of time over at our apartment. It was a nice change, having someone.


It was when I was reaching in for a kiss that my eyes played a trick on me. All I could see was Alexandre, not Richard. My heart was beating rapidly in my chest as I looked at him, willing him to go back. I was obviously seeing things, but after what had happened with Lilli, it struck me with fear.


I blinked, and Richard was there again. I kissed him quickly, and decided that I had seen Alex because I missed him, and the relationship with Richard was bringing these things back up again.


Over the next few months I forgot the brief moment of seeing Alex, as it didn’t happen again.

Until it did.


Richard and I hadn’t WooHooed yet, and just when we decided it was the right time, Alex was all I could see.


I pushed Richard off, starting to sob as I ran off. I couldn’t… all I could think about was Alex.


“What does this mean?” I asked Lucille after telling her what happened.

“No idea,” she replied.

“I thought I was moving on. I have to move on, I’m never going to see Alex again. He’s dead!” I exclaimed, “God, what am I doing? I regret everything.”


I moved over so that Lucille could sit down.

“Maybe I should take the cure,” I said.

“What?” Lucille asked sharply.

“It’s crossed my mind before. I’m going to live forever, and what for? I was against it when I was younger, when Alex and I were together, because of all the family drama, with my grandfather and great-grandmother, but since Lilli grew up… since Alex died, I’ve just wondered what the point was. I don’t know how Ambro and Rose do it. They’ve seen daughters die of old age, they’ve seen so much misery in our family, and they will forever,” I said.

“You always refused point blank,” Lucille said.

“I was stubborn,” I said, “Always have been. But none of it even makes sense to me anymore. You chose this, Lucille, you chose to become a vampire, but I didn’t. And I don’t think it’s what I want anymore.”


After talking to Lucille, I went out and bought the cure. There was nothing stopping me. I didn’t have any responsibilities to the Gilbert family anymore. I had lived for so long, and maybe it was time to be a human.


Taking a deep breath, I gulped the cure down, and felt myself changing. I felt more alive than I ever had. I felt warm, I could hear the blood pumping through my veins.


Lucille pulled me into a hug.

“If this is what will make you happy, then I am here for you, always,” Lucille said.


But now I was old, and dying. I could feel it in my bones, I didn’t have much time left.

Lucille stayed with me for all that time, my best friend looking after me. What she was going to do after I died, I didn’t know. I hoped she and Seamus could reconnect.


Everything around me was going dark and blurry, but I could see one thing clearly, a figure coming through the bedroom door towards me.


“Alex?” I whispered, sitting up and moving slowly towards him, “Is it you?”

“It’s me, Siobhan,” he said. He looked as young as he was when we were married, all those years ago.


“Why are you here?” I asked. Alex reached up, taking my hands in his.

“I’m here to take you home with me,” Alex said.

“Lucille?” I asked.

“She’ll be okay,” Alex said, “She’ll miss you, as she misses me.”


“Our daughter is happy,” Alex said, “And our granddaughters and descendants will be okay, in the end.” I nodded.

“I’m so happy to see you, Alex,” I said.

“It’s time to go, my love,” Alex said, pulling me gently off the bed. I hesitated before following, I could hear Lucille’s sobs. But I knew in my heart it was time to go, and so I followed Alexandre into the unknown.

The End


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Journey Home, A Siobhan Gilbert Story

Hey everyone. I’ve been rereading the Gilberts lately for nostalgia and I started wondering ‘what happened to Siobhan after her last appearance?’

So I wrote it.

The story is called Journey Home, and I’ve posted it on my simblr. You can read it all here.

This is all completely canon to the rest of the Gilberts, and begins shortly after Gen 8 Chapter 1, which was Siobhan’s last appearance.

I hope you enjoy the story! Also, how do I move on from this family?

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A Dash of Magic – A TS3 Legacy

Hi all Gilbert readers, new and old. For some reason the Gilberts are still getting traffic which makes me feel all tingly on the inside.

I have some news! Despite the fact that I am doing a TS4 ISBI, trying to finish the Kleoses, writing an eight fic fanfic series, writing an original novel, and starting a computing admin course in just one week, I have started a new TS3 legacy!

Why TS3 and not TS4?

Well, the idea I had worked better with TS3. Also. TS3 has more options at the moment. Maybe once there are more EP’s for TS4 I’ll do a TS4 legacy but I have the ISBI for now.

This legacy is called ‘A Dash of Magic’ and I’m posting it on my simblr page! You can find it here.

I only just started it yesterday.

I am also continuing the Kleoses on that same simblr because I lost the save for it.

If you decide to read aDoM, I hope you enjoy 🙂

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Sims 4 ISBI!

Hey everyone! If any of you still get email updates for this blog, I just thought I’d let you know that I’ve started a Sims 4 ISBI challenge which you can find over here: Reagan ISBI

It’s commentary style rather than story style, though I may well do a story style sims 4 legacy at a later point.

If any of you want to check it out, that’s awesome!

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Sims 4 CAS Demo Gilberts

So I don’t know if anyone still will get any notifications about this blog being updated but I thought I’d share some pictures here of the Gilberts that I’ve remade in the Sims 4 CAS demo. 

I haven’t done all of them, only four for now. 









I’m not completely happy with them (especially with Aimee and Brigitte’s mouths), and I’ll probably change them again. But, keep an eye out on things, because I plan to do a sims 4 legacy once the game is out (and I’ve played around with it a bit)!

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Wow it’s over (Author’s Commentary)

Wow. So the Gilberts are over. Things are finished. And this is a long overdue ‘Author’s Commentary’ that I promised.

When I started out, I had absolutely no plan at all. Ambro’s generation was a complete surprise to me, and that was when I learned I had to start planning things out a bit.

Ria’s generation went basically to plan, though Matty was just a random sim I used, she was at the library, he was there, so I used him in the role that I needed him for. It could have been anyone.

Bennett’s generation went fairly to plan as well, though I had hoped for a few more murders to be honest. I was so new to the whole thing at the time, so I have nothing I could use other than what was already in the game. I didn’t know how to add anything new to my game except really basic CC like hair and clothing. Maybe now I could do Bennett’s generation better. I like to think so.

Nonny… oh, I loved Nonny, and right from the beginning I knew the song ‘Mine’ by Taylor Swift would be her theme song (well, hers and Harleys). I knew this from gen 2. It was because of that that I started out planning Bennett’s generation as him being a terrible father, though maybe that got a little out of hand. The other thing with Nonny was her relationship with her first boyfriend, Dave? I think that’s what I named him. Well, a few people didn’t like him, and found him emotionally abusive, and that was the plan. But originally I wasn’t going to stop at the emotional abuse, I was also going to involve sexual abuse, but in the end I couldn’t do it to Nonny. She’s been through enough in her life, and it was bad enough that he was trying to control her and stop her from having any friends. (Nonny’s story was largely influenced by my first relationship, also. Dave being my first boyfriend and Harley taking the place of my second. Though my father was nothing like Bennett. Maybe emotionally distant, but I’ll take that any day over Bennett)

Siobhan’s story went very much to plan, and I loved that it did. She was the last generation that went by the vampiracy rules. And, as much as I wanted her and Alexandre to stay together, it was inevitable that it was going to fall apart one day. They did love each other, but sometimes people just don’t fit well together. And I hated what I did to them. I hated making them lost their son.

Lilli’s story could have gone two ways. The way that it did, or a complete other direction, where she made up for her lonely childhood by having kids constantly. I went for the more angsty one. Of course I did. I felt terrible for her, but she is happy in a weird way. With ghost Fletcher and their ghost baby Antoine.

Now it comes to Aimee and Brigitte and boy did their story get messed up along the way. It was NOT how I planned it at all, and it’s all because Aimee decided she wanted to kiss Jessica and they were just too adorable to give up. Originally I had planned for Aimee (as well as being a singer) to get a bit ‘stupid’ about boys, and as an adult have an accidental pregnancy. Shortly after her baby was born, Aimee was going to disappear, and Brigitte was going to raise the baby, never have children of her own, and spend the rest of the generation looking for Aimee (without success. It was going to be a multi-generational story arc).

Once that changed I hastily changed my own plans. Aimee and Jessica were going to be adorable together, and Brigitte would meet someone. That someone was Martin, and they were cute, but I was going to be horrible. After Brigitte had one child with him and was pregnant with a second, I was going to move him away, say he’d been transferred, and move him out of the house. This all happened. What didn’t happen was that Martin was never going to make it to Bridgeport. He was never going to make it to the other end. Another disappearance. And Brigitte was going to spend the rest of the generation looking for him (basically, I swapped Aimee with Martin and changed things). Again, this didn’t happen. I couldn’t be that cruel, and in the end, Martin came back and he and Brigitte got married. Finally.

Eilidh’s generation went fairly much to plan, though originally she wasn’t going to get back with Aaron. I had her have one night stands, but I was going to have one of those be an accidental pregnancy (tbh, I think I need to come up with a new storyline), she was going to move back home, and then eventually meet someone knew. I can’t remember what changed my mind, but it may have been messing around in CAS and seeing how Nicholas and Eilidh’s children would turn out.

Aaron’s story went much to plan, though I had hoped to make things a bit more dramatic and maybe involve more sims but I haven’t quite learnt how to manage multiple sims in a story, and I couldn’t find any poses that would work with what I wanted.

Adalia’s story went perfectly, and I had planned from early on that the vampiracy would end with someone taking the cure before they had any vampire children.

But, imagine how different it would have been if I’d stuck with the original plan for Aimee or Brigitte. Or even the second one. When I first started the generation, even though I said there was ‘no’ heir, I still saw Aimee as the heir, and I think it’s funny that it was Brigitte’s daughter that continued the story.

The Gilberts was so much fun to write, and even now I miss them so much. In fact, I miss them so much that I’ve started using their twitter again (this time it’s Eilidh’s) because of MLCSC’s band, Night Crawlers. Nessa started a twitter for them, so I though Eilidh could follow them, especially since in my story Eilidh and Will were friends while Eilidh was in Bridgeport. And I am in fact planning on writing a short story on Eilidh and Will catching up shortly before Eilidh moves to Moonlight Falls, and I’m going to post it here.

I wasn’t a perfect writer with the Gilberts, but I do think they helped me improve as a writer. And maybe it’s a bit ridiculous to be so attached to pixel people, but I get attached to fictional characters, whether they’re mine or from something else I’m into, all the time. Aimee and Brigitte even inspired me to write a whole novel on them (though that is still in first draft, not quite finished, and somewhat terrible. One day I’ll look at it again). I wouldn’t be surprised if I expanded another of the Gilberts stories and wrote something for them, either, one day. Who knows.

But that’s all I have to say about the Gilberts right now. Thank you all of you so so much for reading it, and I hope you found what I had to say about my original plans interesting. It’s funny how things can change so drastically because of one thing a sim rolls a wish for.

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