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Generation Two Chapter Sixteen: Birthdays and Watermelon

With an extra arrival into the house it was time to extend the house. Dad had asked someone to build a house, but as houses do take awhile to build, we hired some people to do extensions to our current house.

We got a basement as well, for us to put the time machine and Daddy’s inventing table, and other things that really didn’t fit elsewhere.

I walked into the bathroom one day when Dad had just gotten out of the shower, and I was shocked to find that he had a dragon tattoo on his chest. He laughed at my shock.

“You know, I’ve had it so long I almost forget I have it,” he said, before walking out of the room.

My little Bennett was very attached to me, and it made me instantly guilty about the thoughts I’d been having about moving out, and leaving Bennett in the care of Mum and Dad, for him to be raised as an heir. I just didn’t feel comfortable in the house, everyone except Greg, Dominic and I were vampires. It was a vampire house.

Ben loved reading with me, and we often did it close to Dom’s crib so he could listen as well.

Ben loved reading on his own, too.

Dad had convinced Mum to join him with one of his experiments in the time machine. I have no idea what they were doing, but apparently it didn’t work. My parents were odd ones.

Soon it was time for a double birthday, both Dominic and Bennett were growing up.

Dominic went first.

Dominic grew up to have black hair and Daddy’s eyes, and I almost regretted my choice. If I had just waited for the second son, Dominic, who looked so much like Daddy, would’ve been the perfect heir. But I couldn’t change the past.

Next up was Bennett, and this time he helped blow out his own candles.

My little boy was growing up so well.

The first thing Ben did was start playing with the play table.

I started teaching Dom how to walk. He didn’t learn as quickly as his brother, bless him, but he was still such a clever little boy and I was so proud of how he was turning out.

Dad had taken to driving around all night searching for rocks, still wanting a heart-shaped pink diamond. I thought he was mad. Perhaps that was where Detta had gotten it?

Detta was still acting oddly. She was wearing her formal dress all the time now. Mum really didn’t want to see a psychiatrist about it, but she knew that she would have to, and started making inquiries about it at the hospital.

Dad adored little Dom. I knew he loved Ben as well, but he seemed to have a connection with Dom. Maybe it was the eyes.

Daddy took it upon himself to teach Dominic how to talk, as well. I was so glad of Dad’s support.

Gregory and I had been discussing having a girl, and we finally decided that since Ben was starting school, and Dom was a toddler, we could bring another baby into the family.

This time I wasn’t taking any chances. I had heard about the old wives tale, that watermelon helps you get a girl. I wanted to have my own little girl. Hopefully it would work.

Author’s note: So my computer is back up and running! Brilliant news, right? Unfortunately I have no more pictures so there will be no more chapters until after this weekend when I play. I kinda got bored playing them because all I’m doing is waiting for Bennett to grow up a bit and for Ria to have her baby girl.

As you can see in the picture of the basement I get really fed up with placing lights, and I probably could have done it better, but they go all over the place until it’s light enough to actually see. I have problems.

I think this is the last chapter of Gen 2, though I won’t make any promises about that. But Gen 3 is close to starting and I’m really excited about it, I think it’s going to be a lot of fun to play and write, and hopefully you guys will enjoy reading it!



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Generation Two Chapter Fifteen: The Insanity of Raising Children

I had been thinking about it since Bennett was born. He was a vampire, he fulfilled the conditions for Dad’s idea to carry on our family’s story. I no longer needed to be a vampire, and I didn’t want to be. It had caused me nothing but grief my whole life.

The ‘cure’ had cost quite a bit of money, $3000 to be exact, but my family was quite well off, and I knew that they wouldn’t mind if they knew it made me happier.

I drank it, and even poured some over me for extra measure. I could feel myself changing. The sun didn’t bother me. I felt less of myself, yet more of myself at the same time. I changed, but it was a change I needed to make the whole time. I didn’t belong in the vampire world.

When I got home, I told Gregory I wanted another baby. He was, of course, happy to oblige.

Meanwhile, Detta’s behaviour was getting even more strange. Mum had heard Detta talking when she was walking by the living room, but as far as Mum knew, no one else was in there.

Mum walked in to find that Detta was talking and arguing with herself.

Mum tried to talk to Detta about it, but she completely spazzed out.

Mum was extremely worried.

Gregory was exceptionally brilliant with Bennett, teaching him how to walk. I loved how Gregory could accept his son, even though it was so obvious he was a vampire, and now neither Gregory or I were.

When Gregory finished teaching little Ben to walk, I sat down to teach him to talk.

Detta was wearing her formal dress to school. We were all thinking we should talk to a psychiatrist, or a psychologist, but no one wanted to say it. There was something wrong in Detta’s brain. She really seemed to think that her formal dress was something normal to wear to school.

Mum and Daddy kept hugging each other, just showing each other support while they tried to figure out what to do about their daughter.

But life had to go on. Mum continued with work, holding free clinics in the park sometimes.

I started potty-training Ben. A disgusting job that I knew I would have to do again if Gregory and I did have another child.

Bennett occasionally hid in his toybox. It was quite cute.

Very soon I found out I was pregnant again. I was ecstatic to have another child.

Dad was still mining. He was obsessed with finding a heart-shaped pink diamond.

My pregnancy seemed much shorter this time. It wasn’t long until I was heading to the hospital again.

This time Gregory came to the hospital with me.

We came home with another little boy, Dominic. He was just as precious to me as Bennett was.

Author’s note: So, obviously, since Dominic will not be a vampire, Bennett will be heir. No heir vote this time. However, there is a reason, and what is happening at the moment is all leading up to what happens in Generation Three. And the title is a change to what a friend suggested, the friend who is letting me use her computer to do these two updates (the Gilberts and the Kleos’ one). I’m not sure when the next update will be, as my computer is still out of order. Hopefully my computer will be fixed soon.


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Generation Two Chapter Fourteen Little One

It was only a few weeks after the wedding that I found myself feeling nauseous. Normally I would be worried I was sick, but this was a cause for celebration. Nausea was the first sign of a pregnancy.

It wasn’t long until I found out that I was, indeed, pregnant with my first child.

Gregory was ecstatic when I told him, and insisted on getting together the nursery straight away.

I couldn’t help but laugh when Gregory showed me the finished product a week later.

“What if it’s not a boy?” I asked him.

“It will be,” he insisted, “And anyway, blue is good for girls, as well.”

I carried on writing my book for most of my pregnancy. I did have a deadline, after all.

Dad was still doing a lot of time travel.

Gregory and I were as in love as ever.

He couldn’t wait for our little one to join us.

It was amazing how quickly nine months went, and I went into labour just as I started the last chapter of  my novel.

I insisted on going to the hospital, and Gregory was at work, so Mum came with me.

After only a few hours, that seemed like an eternity, my beautiful little boy joined us in the world. Gregory and I had agreed on the name, Bennett.

It was nice to be able to bring my son home, and put him in his crib, the crib that had been there for months because Gregory was so eager. Of course, I noticed that little Bennett had glowing eyes, like a vampire. I realised that he was a vampire, one that I could make my heir.

Before long it was Detta’s birthday.

My little sister grew up beautiful. I hoped that she wouldn’t have to face the same trouble with guys I did, and would realise that just because someone pays you attention, it doesn’t mean they are necessarily good for you.

Bennett was growing up so quickly, and I had no greater joy than holding him in my arms.

He was such a sweet and wonderful little boy.

I couldn’t believe how fast time went, but it was very soon my little boy’s birthday. Time went by so quickly.

I was almost in tears. It didn’t seem that long ago that I had brought my little boy home, and here he was, having his birthday.

My little Bennett was growing so fast. He was inbelievably cute, but I knew it wouldn’t be long until he would be starting school. I knew I wanted another baby. But there was something I wanted to do first.


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Generation Two Chapter Thirteen: True Love

Over the next few months, Gregory and I saw a lot of each other. I was taking it slowly, being cautious after Matty, but I just knew things were different with Greg.

Sometimes he would just hold my hands and stare into my eyes, making unspoken promises.

I had been thinking for a few weeks now that maybe I should make more of a commitment. I knew Gregory didn’t want to scare me off, he understood why I was being cautious. But there was no need to be cautious.

Knowing that Gregory wouldn’t propose, I got down on one knee myself, and proposed.

The answer was, of course, yes.

As the weeks went by with Gregory and I planning our wedding, Mum and Daddy noticed that Detta’s behaviour was getting even odder. At one point, Mum walked in to the living area to see Detta strangling herself.

Soon enough, it was time for the wedding. We had it at night, and we opted for a simple backyard wedding. Even with our backyard in complete disarray.

It was great to see all our friends and family here, supporting us.

Terra and Cami made it, and so did Delilah. I hadn’t seen Fender but I knew he was there. For some reason Alex didn’t come, but I assumed he had a good reason for it.

One person came who I wasn’t too pleased about. How could she dare turn up?

Daddy sure gave her a piece of his mind, though. He had been happy that I had found someone who was so good for me.

Next she came over and tried to talk to me.

“What are you doing here? I told you to never come near me again!” I yelled.

“You should be thanking me!” she exclaimed, “If Matty and I didn’t get together, you’d still be with him and you wouldn’t have found Gregory!”

“That is the most twisted logic I’ve ever heard! Yes, I’m glad I have my wonderful Gregory, but you still betrayed me!” I replied.

Next thing I knew, I had slapped her. It was something I should’ve done long before then.

“Now get out of my sight,” I spat at her.

After everyone left, Gregory and I went to our room. I couldn’t believe it. I was now married to the most wonderful guy possible. My life was coming together.

“Let’s have a baby,” I said, and Gregory happily agreed.

Author’s note: YAY GregoRia is now married! All I can say is that Ria might finally have some babies! I love babies. Babies are awesome. There were less pictures in this chapter than normal, but this was the perfect way to finish it off, I think.

Next time: Babies? Babies.

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Generation Two Chapter Twelve Chance

“So, Ria, I was on the internet, and I heard about this group of people who meet up often. They’re all into writing, whether it be for fun, or, like you, for serious and publishing. They get together and talk about their characters and their plot, and I thought it might be a god idea for you to go to it,” Dad told me.

“I don’t know, Dad. I know I want to meet new people, but I feel as if it’s only going to set me up. No one has ever accepted me before, why would these people?” I said. In all honesty, I didn’t want to be hurt more. It had already been bad enough that the only friend I had growing up, my twin sister, has betrayed me. I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

Daddy pulled me into a hug.

“You will only know if you try. Just think about it,” he said.

That was how I found myself meeting with a group of people I had never met before. In the group was Delilah, Cami, Alex, Gregory, Fender, and Terra.

We talked about our stories for a little while.

I went over to the bar to get a (non-alcoholic) drink, and Gregory came after me, and talked to me. Now, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t immediately attracted to him.

We talked for awhile, about ourselves, rather than our characters or plots, and it wasn’t long until we were flirting with each other.

Soon enough, I realised what was happening.

“You’re just going to hurt me!” I exclaimed.

I ran into the kitchen, and Terra followed me. Apparently these people already cared about me. She wanted to know what was going on, so I told her all about what had happened with Matty, and how I was terrified that I would never find anyone. I also told her about how people were terrified of me because I was a vampire.

“It sounds, to me, that you need to give us all a chance. None of us are terrified of you. We can tell that it’s just how you were born, just like I was born with blonde hair, or Alex was born with dark hair. You are a nice person, and this Matty person doesn’t deserve you anyway. As for Gregory… well, all I can say is that you never know unless you give it a chance,” Terra said. What she said made sense, but I was still scared of being hurt.

Terra went back out to the living room, and I stood in the kitchen for awhile, before coming back out. Cami came up to me, and told me that Terra had told her what I had said.

We talked for a little while longer, and I knew this group of people would definitely become my friends. It was nice to feel accepted for once.

Over the next couple of weeks I talked to Gregory a lot over the phone, keeping him at a distance while getting to know him. I finally built up the courage to invite him over.

I knew it was time to open my heart and give Gregory a chance. He was attracted to me just as much as I was to him.

As we hugged, Gregory whispered “I will never hurt you like Matty did, I promise,” into my ear. Instantly I felt better. Things were so different with Gregory than they ever were with Matty. I realised that with Matty, I had been fooling myself, because he was the first person who ever paid me any attention. Gregory was so much more. He was the one. He loved me, every part of me, even my grumpy nature, how over-emotional I could become.

It was time to take a chance. I could never fall in love if I always guarded my heart. I leant forward and kissed him.

As I gazed into his eyes, I knew I had found the one. I knew I would find my happiness with him.

Soon, it was Detta’s birthday.

She grew up very beautiful, my beautiful little sister. We were a bit worried, because she sometimes acted a little odd, like she was insane, but, as I pointed out to Mum and Dad, just because he acted a little different sometimes didn’t mean she was insane.

Author’s Note: Thank you to everyone who offered sims and simselves for this chapter. I didn’t get to use them all, there were some issues with downloading, and I didn’t want to use a lot of sims, either, but you can be sure there will be opportunities in the future. The three simselves that are in this chapter are Terra, Alex, and Cami. Terra writes a few sims stories, legacies and DitFT’s. The Dulce’s and the Sorbet’s are in my blogroll. Alex (ay2cee) writes ‘It’s All About the Matsons’ which is also in my blogroll, and Cami has a lot of sim stories, which you can find at her website/blog, which is also in my blogroll, ‘Cami’s Sims’. I highly recommend all.

I also thought it would be cool to add Fender, who will be the second gen heir for my Famacy, the Kleos Famacy, which you can also find in my blogroll.

I just wanted to share a few pictures.

Alex, I do not know what you were doing, but you and Fender were standing in the corner for ages, while Ria was talking to Terra.

I think Fender ships GregoRia 😛 Terra is hidden by a lamp.


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Generation Two Chapter Eleven Lonely

I buried myself in anything, distracting myself. I had learned that Georgiana was pregnant, and Matty was the father. I had calculated it quickly, when Mum had told me, and she would’ve conceived while Matty and I were engaged.

Reading took my mind off things. I avoided romance novels, and read adventure novels. One of my favourites was about a boy who found out he was a wizard, and had to go to magic school.

I also painted.

My editor and literary agent were on my back about finishing my book so I could publish it, so most of my time did go towards writing that. It took a spin that I wasn’t expecting, betrayal and heartbreak strewn all through the story.

Leti stopped by to see me.

Leti and I laughed together, talking about stuff, anything to distract me. She had to go though, she had a party to go to with her husband.

Daddy went to visit Felix, and got to know Felix and Sarah’s son, Igor.

Mum busied herself with potty training Detta. I knew that was the one thing I would not want to do when I have children one day.

I soon came to realise that the only people I knew were my family. I wanted to meet new people, make friends.

I rang up Vicky to see if she was free to go out tonight. She wasn’t, so I decided I would go alone.

I looked in the newspaper to see where a hotspot was, and I went to one of them. I was slightly confused, because there was no one there other than the bartender.

I ordered a drink, and told the bartender about Matty. She didn’t seem to have much sympathy.

I figured it must’ve just been early for some people, and that people would turn up later, so I went to the bubble machine.

In the end, I went home and continued writing my book.

Daddy was always on his miner during the night, which annoyed the neighbours, but would they want to be responsible for Dad’s death?

Detta had a little pink bunny toy which was her absolute favourite. She was always playing with it. It was really cute.

I had really taken to the coffin and levitating during my sleep. It was better than a bed. Maybe because that was what I was supposed to use, since I was a vampire.

One day Daddy came in to talk to me. It had been a few months, and from what I knew Georgiana was about to have her baby.

“Ria, I know you’ve been feeling lonely lately, so I’ve made a few inquiries around, and researched, and I think I know a way for you to get to know other people, and to help you forget about, or at least, distract yourself from, what happened with Matty,” he said to me.

I wasn’t sure what his idea was, but I agreed to listen.


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Generation Two Chapter Ten Betrayal

Ambrogio Gilbert was happy with his life. He had six wonderful children, two of them were married and had a child each, another was engaged. Maria’s fiance may have been a lot older than Maria, but she was happy, and that was all that mattered.

Of course, things with the Gilbert family never stay happy for long. Ambrogio thought it was weird that such weird noises were coming from one of the bedrooms, since he could’ve sworn Mariahad gone to the library barely half an hour ago.

When he saw it was, in fact, actually Georgiana with Matty, he couldn’t believe it, and he let Georgiana know what he thought of her.

“He’s your sister’s fiance, Georgiana, what on earth were you thinking?” He yelled.

“He loves me, he doesn’t love Maria!” Georgiana exclaimed, “He loves me because I took the cure for him, and Maria wouldn’t change for him!”

“You don’t change for the people you love, you love them the way they are!” Ambrogio yelled back.

“Mum changed for you!” Georgiana screamed.

“I didn’t want her to!” Ambrogio replied, “I didn’t want to damn her to darkness. I would’ve been with her anyway!”

When Matty tried to butt in and say something, to defend him or Georgiana, Ambrogio wasn’t sure which, Ambrogio couldn’t help it. He hated Matty. How could he play around on Maria? Ambrogio attacked him.

“No – one – messes – around – my – daughter!” Ambrogio yelled between breaths. Ambrogio, being fitter and stronger, won the fight.

I walked into the house after getting back from the library. Dad stood in the hallway. It looked like he was waiting for me, but I had no idea why.

“Maria, I’m so sorry,” he said, glancing at Georgiana as she walked by quickly, “Maria, I caught Matty with – with another woman.”

I gasped. I couldn’t believe that Matty would do that. I wanted to ask if Daddy knew who the other woman was, but if he did, he would’ve told me.

I stormed to Matty, where he was talking to Maria.

“WHO WAS SHE!?” I demanded.

“G-G-Georgiana,” Matty stammered out. My eyes widened in disbelief. My sister? My twin sister? My best friend, my only friend?

Before I knew it, I had reached out and slapped him.

Georgiana had walked into the hallway, so I ran to get her.

“How could you do this!?” I exploded.

“You know how flirty I am, Ria,” Georgiana said, “I couldn’t help it, it was my way of welcoming him, I didn’t even realise what I was doing.”

“You could’ve stopped at flirting,” I pointed out. Georgiana shook her head.

“He was the first guy who ever paid me any actual attention. I fell head over heels, and I wasn’t thinking.”

“Damn right you weren’t thinking!” I exclaimed, “He’s my fiance! Well… not anymore!”


“DON’T CALL ME RIA!” I yelled, “My name is Maria, you have no right to call me by my nickname!”

“You know what, I’m just gonna be honest. Matty couldn’t stand the fact that you were a vampire. I changed for him, so he loves me more than he could ever love you. I’m human. No one could love a vampire!” Georgiana exclaimed.

“We’re evidence to the contrary. What about Leti, and Felix?” I said.

“Mind control. All vampires have mind powers, you just don’t use it. Vampires don’t find true love, not without mind control,” Georgiana said, almost gleefully.

“You’re wrong!” I yelled, “besides, this is only the first thing that’s gone wrong in my love life. Matty was only the first person I loved. I will prove you wrong!” Georgiana snickered.

“I want you out of the house! I do not want to see you ever again!” I yelled.

“You can’t kick me, it’s Mum and Dad’s house!” Georgiana said.

“Actually, on our last birthday, it became my property. Everything in this house belongs to me. You’re out of here. When I walk away, I never want to set eyes on you again!”

The next thing I heard was Georgiana vomiting in the bathroom. I just hoped she’d clean it up before she left.

I went and cuddled Benedetta. She was too young to ever betray me.

Georgiana and Matty left my life, together. I had a feeling that Georgiana had come out of this better than I had. She had Matty by her side. I had lost all sense of trust.

But I had to find someone, one day. I couldn’t be alone forever, could I? I had an advantage over many people. I would live for a long time.

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