Downloads and Other Stuff

Want some Gilberts in your game? This is the place to find them! I will possibly put others characters up here as well, if asked. XD

You can find the Gilbert Family Tree here.

You can download the family and family members on my Sims 3 studio, here.

From now on I will be using .sim files because of how much the exchange sucks. I only have two sims so far, but feel free to request to upload sims. All you need to do is download them and pop them in your saved sims folder.

Angelina Gilbert

Angelina has no CC, except perhaps the pattern on her top. I don’t think so, though.

Lilliana Gilbert

No other CC

Axton Gilbert

Axton is CC free.

Aimee Gilbert

Dress from store/comes with Hidden Springs

Brigitte Gilbert


Jessica Brooks

Hair from store

Eilidh Gilbert (Name is Eilidh Birch)

Dress from store

I also have my simself available!

Anneliese’s Simself!

My simself is CC free.





3 responses to “Downloads and Other Stuff

  1. snapcarolina

    Looks awesome!! Just found this, SO excited- going off to read! xxx

    • Sure! It might take awhile since I don’t think I saved him to my sim bin, but I can track him down and upload him. 🙂

      EDIT: I was wrong, it didn’t take too long. Axton is now available. 🙂

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