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Generation Eight Heir Vote!

It’s that time again! An heir vote for the Generation Eight heir or heiress!

The first person up is Eilidh!


  • Excitable
  • Artistic
  • Diva

Eilidh is the first born of generation eight and of Brigitte and her fiance Martin. Though she was an unexpected child, she is no less loved. She looks up to her mother a lot.

The next option is Elspeth Gilbert!


  • Couch potato
  • Brave

Elspeth is the first child of Aimee and Jessica. They had wanted a child but couldn’t have one due to being female until Rose told them about a new procedure. They both fell completely in love with their little Elly when she was born.

Our next option is Hamish Gilbert!


  • Loner
  • Friendly

Hamish is the second child of Brigitte and Martin. After Martin went away, Brigitte found she was expecting another child. He was a little piece of Martin for her when he wasn’t around.

Last but not least is little Isla


  • Genius
  • Athletic

Isla is the second daughter of Aimee and Jessica, the last piece of their little family. Being so young it is hard tot ell what will become of her life.

Now is the time to vote! Will you vote for Eilidh, Elspeth, Hamish, or Isla?

Good luck!



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Generation Five Heir Vote!

It is indeed that time again. I know there hasn’t been a vote since Gen 2, but… I’m sure you guys all understand. Anyway, this time there are three contestants!

First of all, we have Rhiannon and Harley’s oldest child, and only daughter, Siobhan.

Siobhan is very precious to Rhiannon, as the first child, and only daughter.


Next is the second child and oldest boy, Seamus.

Seamus is  good mix of his parents with his dads hair and eyes, and his mothers face.


Last, but not least, is Keegan, the youngest child.

Keegan is the only one of the three children to inherit his mothers hair colour.


And now it is time to cast your votes!

And I have another poll for you. As you guys may be aware, I use naming themes each gen, and I need your help for the Gen. 6 names.

I would suggest looking at to get an idea of the names I might use.

Thank you all for voting! 🙂


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Generation Two Heir!

I am pleased to announce that with eight votes, Maria won! Maria will be taking over the story, and bringing in the third generation.

Maria’s traits are Artistic and Grumpy. She is twins with Georgiana. She is the child of Ambrogio and Rosanna.

Maria’s story will most likely be a mix of third person and first person.

Thank you to everyone who voted! Georgiana and Vicky came in as a tied second place, at 5 votes each. Felix had 4 votes and Leti had 3.


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Generation Two Heir Vote!

It has come the time for an heir vote. I will not always have an heir vote, due to some of the outlines of different generations in the vampiracy rules. This time I will be. You have a choice of five children (though Vicky was not born in the house, I will include her. I’m not following legacy rules).

First up we have Felix Gilbert.

Felix is Ambrogio’s oldest child and only son. His mother was Jessica Talon, who abandoned her husband and children.
Felix’s traits are: Virtuoso, Friendly, Shy, Childish.

Next we have Letitia Gilbert.

Letitia is Ambro’s oldest daughter, and Jessica’s youngest child. She is the spitting image of her mother, which once gave Ambro pain, but he now sees past that, and sees the wonderful woman his daughter will be.
Leti’s traits are: Loner, Genius, Coward, Perceptive

Then there is Vicky Knott (who will change her name if she is voted heir).

Vicky was the product of Ambro’s engagement with Kimmy Knott, who he got engaged to to hide his feelings for Rosanna. Kimmy, not being able to support Vicky, gave her to her father without a word.
Vicky’s traits are: Loves the Outdoors, Heavy Sleeper, Technophobe.

Georgiana Gilbert

Georgiana is the first born of Rosanna and Ambrogio’s twins.
Georgiana’s traits are: Loner, Excitable.

Maria Gilbert

Maria is the youngest of Ambrogio’s children, and twin of Georgiana.
Maria’s traits are: Artistic, Grumpy.

Note: hairstyles are subject to change.

Thank you for everyone who votes. I could never choose between these guys.


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