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Generation Four Chapter Fourteen

One morning Rhiannon was reading the days paper when a headline stood out to her.

Bennett Gilbert released on parole

Rhiannon gasped, forgetting how to breath momentarily. She then quickly read the rest of the article.

Bennett Gilbert, murderer of three women and suspected of a third, is to be released into Riverview on parole for good behaviour. 

Mr Gilbert was imprisoned twenty five years ago. He confessed to the murder of three of the four women he was accused of, including his wife, and claimed the other was an accident. 

After his wifes’ death, his sister went to the police with evidence of the murder, and during a search of the home, they found the remains of three other women. After his imprisonment, Mr Gilberts daughter was left on the care of his sister. 

There has been some resistance by the mayor of Riverview to let him live there, but after a lot of convincing by the Justice Minister it has finally been agreed upon. 

Rhiannon was angry. She couldn’t believe the justice system in this country! He had only served one life sentence, surely he should serve more? He had killed four women, even if he did claim one of them was an accident!

And to release him to Riverview? Riverview, where she had moved to get away from the memories, the reminders!

Rhiannon gave it a lot of thought, and she knew what she had to do.

“Bridgeport Mens Prison.” 

“Uh, hi. This probably sounds like a strange request, but would you be able to give me the address that Bennett Gilbert is being released to?”



“Look, lady, we don’t give out the addresses of ex prisoners without a good explanation. We know that some people will go and terrorise them when all they want is just to live the rest of their life in peace.” 

“Would it help if I told you I’m his daughter?”

“I have to go speak to the warden.”

“Thank you.”

“Hello, Miss…?”

“Ms. Gilbert.”

“Ms. Gilbert. Look, anyone can claim their his daughter. Would you be able to give us some identification?” 

“Well, the thing is, I’m in Riverview. I can’t exactly go drive up to Bridgeport. I could fax my birth certificate over to you. Name: Rhiannon Gilbert, parents: Louise and Bennett Gilbert.”

“Faxing it over will be fine, miss. After you have, we will fax back his address and phone number. Have a nice day, Ms. Gilbert.” 

“Thank you.”


After Rhiannon received the address through the fax machine, she went to talk to Ambrogio. He agreed to go see Bennett with her.

A week later they headed to Bennett’s new address.

As they reached the house, they saw an old lady walk out of the house. Ambrogio gasped next to Rhiannon.

“Ria,” he murmured, and walked over to her.

“Daddy,” the old woman said as Ambrogio pulled her into a hug.

“My darling daughter, dear Maria,” Ambrogio replied. Rhiannon then understood. This was her grandmother who had abandoned her father.

Maria then made her way over to Rhiannon.

“I hoped I would see you at least once. I have so much to say to you, so much. I wrote it down in a letter for you,” she said, handing Rhiannon an envelope. Rhiannon looked at it, then put it in her pocket.

“Um… thank you, I guess.”

Maria then pulled her granddaughter into a hug.

“Well, I expect you’re here to see Bennett, not me. I’ll be heading off now. Remember, I live just around the block from you if you ever want to see me,” Maria said to both Rhiannon and Ambrogio, and then she walked off.

Bennett was sitting at the kitchen table when they walked in.

“Poppa? Nonny?” he said when he saw them. Rhiannon winced when he called her by her nickname.

“How dare you call me that?” she yelled at him, “You, you killed my mother! You made my life a misery as I grew up! I was motherless, my father was in prison! You ruined my life!”

“Don’t even pretend to understand, Rhiannon! Did you ever think that your mother made my life a misery? That I was quite happy with my life until she came along, telling me she was pregnant? You look so much like her, how can I even be sure you’re my child?”

“Of course she is, Bennett!” Ambrogio said sharply from behind Rhiannon, “She has your eyes, Maria’s eyes, Rosanna’s eyes. She’s a Gilbert.” Rhiannon smiled despite herself.

“I never pretended to understand, Dad. I don’t even want to. All I know is that you killed my mother, and three other innocent women.”

“Nancy was an accident,” Bennett said, “She wanted me to turn her, but I took too much of her blood. I never wanted that to happen. I wanted her to be my wife.” Rhiannon was taken aback by the sorrow in her fathers voice.

“Out of the four women you killed, you only regret one of them. That’s not good enough,” Rhiannon said.

“I know you don’t believe me, but I am sorry for how things turned out for you. I do love you, Rhiannon. You’re my daughter-”

“A few seconds ago you were questioning if I was.”

“Not the point, Nonny. I never wanted your life to be miserable.”

“What did you expect, that my mother would die and I would be just fine and dandy? Even if you were never convicted, I would have still lost my mother.”

“I’m sorry,” Bennett said, “But I see my apology is wasted. You should probably go. I expect Nana is worried.”

“I should go home. See my husband and my beautiful children, who will grow up loved and adored, and grow up to be upstanding citizens and wonderful people. Yes, you’re a grandfather. And you will never meet your grandchildren.” Rhiannon said before walking out of the door.

“I was only here for her,” Ambrogio said before following her, “I’m sorry for the ways things turned out. I’m sorry for your parents deserting you, but Rose and I hoped that we had raised you well enough ourselves. We knew long ago that we didn’t, but we can’t change that now. Have a good life, Bennett.”

When Rhiannon got home, Harley was there to greet her.

“How did it go?” he asked.


“I love you,” Harley whispered, hugging her, “and your children love you. You don’t need him.”

“I love you, too. And the children, of course.”

They went back into the house together, Rhiannon looking forward to her years of peace and watching her children grow up.


AN~ And that, dear people, is the end of Rhiannon’s generation. Wrapping up three generations in one chapter is hard work, let me tell you. I debated for a couple of weeks whether I was actually going to have Ria in this chapter, or just have her mentioned. The letter would’ve been there no matter what. 

What is in the letter, you may ask? Well… I have to have some mysteries, don’t I? All will be revealed… at some point. 

This is also the longest Gilbert chapter, in terms of amount of words. That may have something to do with the fact that there was a newspaper article in it, though. 

I do not know when the next chapter will be up. I broke my laptop screen last night (I’m using someone else’s computer), and though the crack is only in the top right hand corner, and I can still use it, it’s hard to play sims when you can’t see some of the screen. 

At some point I will have a chapter between the end of Rhiannon’s gen and the start of Siobhan’s gen, with just some pictures of the years gone by, because waiting for Siobhan to grow up won’t be very interesting, story wise. 

I just want to thank all my readers and commenters and ‘like’rs again. The Gilberts could not survive without your support. ❤



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Generation Four Chapter Thirteen

Perhaps Rhinnon was biased, but she thought she had the most beautiful, intelligent children in the world.

Rhiannon made sure to spend a lot of time playing with and watching her children. There were so many moments she didn’t want to miss, and they grew up so fast. It was already getting close to Siobhan’s birthday!

It wasn’t long until they found out they were adding another member to their growing family. Rhiannon and Harley were both ecstatic.

Rhiannon insisted on being the one to take Siobhan to the cake, even though she was fighting back tears. Her little girl was starting school. She could’ve sworn it was only a couple of days beforehand that Rhiannon brought her home and placed her in her crib for the first time.

Everyone agreed that Siobhan was absolutely beautiful.

Siobhan loved her new bed.

She also adored the playground.

This pregnancy had seemed to go faster than the others, or so it seemed to Rhiannon, at least, and it wasn’t long until she came out of the hospital with her littlest boy, Keegan.

When it came to Keegan’s birthday, Ambro wanted to be the one to take him to the cake.

Keegan had his mother’s red hair and what seemed to be brown eyes. To Rhiannon, he was her perfect second son, wonderful third child.


AN~ There will be an heir vote. I will put it up either later today, or tomorrow. Most probably later today.

In the meantime, I’m going to share with you these outtakes:

Ambro had  birthday! That’s right! Ambro is finally a ‘mature’ adult! Only took 4 generations.

I took too many pictures of cute children, this is just one of them.

Siobhan’s first go down the slide wasn’t  fun one!

Keegan’s first cake caused a fire!

Well, that’s all for this time. Hope you have a good few hours until the heir vote! 🙂

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Generation Four Chapter Twelve

Rhiannon was very proud of how her garden was coming along, and it wasn’t the only thing she was proud of.

Her little girl, her little Siobhan, was learning to walk, and so far was doing very well. Siobhan’s first steps made Rhiannon burst out crying. She wanted her little girl to stay little forever.

The months passed. Near the end of her pregnancy, Rhiannon tried teaching Siobhan to speak. It was a long process, a lot longer than it took to learn how to walk, but she did eventually get there.

Ambro and Harley had worked together again for a bedroom for the new baby. They had found out from Rose that this one was going to be a boy.

A week after the bedroom was finished, Harley and Rhiannon found themselves at the hospital, Rhiannon in labour.

They left with their little baby boy, Seamus.

“My darling boy,” Rhiannon whispered as she placed Seamus in his crib, “I wish you and your older sister would stay my little babies forever.”

Of course, that couldn’t happen, and it didn’t seem long until it was Seamus’s birthday.

Rhiannon thought he was a handsome young boy, with his fathers eyes and hair. She couldn’t help but tear up seeing him grow older.

After the celebration, Harley took Rhiannon out of the room, and took her in his arms, kissing her forehead.

“We’ll have to have another one, won’t we?” he asked. Rhiannon laughed and nodded, wiping away her tears.

“Sounds good,” she replied.


AN~ Hey guys! I’m going away this weekend, and I’m not entirely sure when I’ll next get to play TS3 (if all goes to plan, Tuesday, but if not, not for another three weeks), and this is the last update before I can play again.

Anyway, I want to share a picture of Rhiannon’s garden.

It is a LOT of work for poor Rhiannon, but she has to continue. Her LTW is the perfect garden one, and she’s only grown 1 perfect plants out of eight. And it just keeps on expanding.


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Generation Four Chapter Eleven

It wasn’t long until Rhiannon went into labour, and Harley and Rhiannon hurried to the hospital. Her family was known for quick labours and they didn’t want to not make it to the hospital in time.

Before morning, Rhiannon came out of the hospital with a little girl named Siobhan. Rhiannon already adored her little girl.

Everyone loved Siobhan, but they didn’t get much a chance to hold her with Siobhan’s proud Daddy always cuddling her.

Rose did manage to get in a chance to hold the little one.

The family was amazed how fast time had went by and that it was already Siobhan’s birthday. The proud daddy took little Siobhan to her cake.

Everyone agreed that she was gorgeous. She looks a lot like her mother, but she had her fathers hair colour.

Siobhan was a very sweet, spoiled, and busy girl.

Though Siobhan had no one her age to play with, she had four adults who wouldn’t stop playing with her. Rhiannon loved holding her and attacking her with the ‘claw’.

Because it was quite far from the house to the play area in their back yard, Rhiannon would often push Siobhan there in her push chair. Siobhan loved the push chair.

Siobhan’s favourite toy was the ride on pony, and she didn’t like being told to get off.

Rhiannon always found it amusing.

Siobhan was loved by everyone.

It wasn’t long until Rhiannon was feeling sick again.

But before Rhiannon went to the hospital to have her suspicions confirmed, she decided it was time for a new look. Her hat and loose hair were often played with by Siobhan, and she knew that it would be the same with another child.

And it wasn’t long until Rhiannon found out she was indeed expecting again.


AN~ First of all, for all those confused, Siobhan is a beautiful Irish name, and it is pronounced Sha-Vawn. Not sure what it means, but it is lovely. This generation is having Irish names, so expect names that have odd pronunciations.

Also, tomorrow I’m do a Gilbert special. On what, you will find out, though you could probably guess if you know me well enough and you’ve seen things on Twitter. I think it will be fun, even if no one else does.


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Generation Four Chapter Ten

Marriage life was blissful and wonderful for Rhiannon and Harley.

They went on for a few months, happy and in love. Harley continued with his work at the science facility, and Rhiannon continued on with her garden.

Ambrogio and Rosanna had talked to Rhiannon and Harley about building a small cottage in the back of the property for the two of them, so that Rhiannon and Harley could have room in the house for little ones (Rose in particular was pushing for them to have children, but Rhiannon and Harley didn’t see the rush), but Rose and Ambro would still be around. It was agreed, and over a couple of months, a small two storey cottage was built for Ambro and Rose.

Rosanna and Ambrogio were very happy with their little cottage.

About six months after Rhiannon and Harley got married, Rhiannon started feeling quite sick. She knew instantly what it was. Vampires didn’t get sick, after all.

As soon as Rhiannon had it confirmed she immediately went to Harley to let him know.

“That’s brilliant, honey!” Harley exclaimed when she told him she was expecting. Rhiannon couldn’t help but grin.

She then, with Rosanna’s help, went to find out what gender the baby was. After a few days, Rose came to her with the news that she was expecting a girl. Rhiannon couldn’t have been more excited.

Rhiannon couldn’t wait for her little girl to come. She and Harley had been talking about names, and had already decided on one. She loved rubbing her belly, and talking to her child.

Harley couldn’t wait, either. He loved trying to listen to the baby, even in the early stages of the pregnancy when there was nothing to listen to.

Rhiannon’s garden still needed someone to work in it, and she wouldn’t let anyone else near it, so through her pregnancy, Rhiannon still worked in it. It wasn’t an issue at the beginning, though.

Over the months, Harley and Ambrogio worked together to make a nursery for the little girl. When they showed Rhiannon the nursery, she gasped and started crying.

“Oh, this is so perfect!” she exclaimed.

They then had another surprise for Rhiannon.

They had decorated a playroom as well. It didn’t have much now, but they were intending to add more to it.

The next few months went on, and Harley and Rhiannon grew increasingly more excited.

One evening when Rhiannon went to work in her garden, she was surprised to see a playground in her backyard. Harley had spent the last week ordering things, so that they’d all arrive on the same day to surprise her. Rhiannon knew at that moment that her child was going to be spoiled and loved. Nothing would be too good for her.

They had a lot of fun testing everything out.


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Generation Four Chapter Nine

About a year after Rhiannon and Harley started dating, Rhiannon was out in her garden, when Harley arrived. He came out to greet her, kissing her passionately.

“Woah, what did I do to deserve that?” Rhiannon asked. Harley grinned at her.

“Oh, just by being amazing,” he said.

“Rhiannon, I have something to ask you,” Harley said, “Something important.”

Harley knelt down on one knee and took a box out of his pocket.

“Rhiannon, this last year with you has been simply amazing. I never thought I would ever find something like this, no matter how many years I lived as a vampire. But then we met, and here was another vampire, one like me.  Nonny, my love, you are more than I ever hoped for. Will you marry me?”

“Oh my God, yes, Harley, yes! I will marry you!” Rhiannon exclaimed. Harley smiled widely as he slipped the ring on Rhiannon’s finger.

“I will love you forever,” Harley whispered as he stood up.

Rhiannon then went running into the house to find Ashton.


“I know!” Ashton said, “He told me he was proposing! This is so exciting! Better start making some wedding plans!”

“I think a small wedding, obviously at night, would be best,” Rhiannon said. Ashton smiled.

“Sounds perfect for you two.”

Rhiannon spent the next day calling up everyone and letting them know. Unfortunately her friends from school, Megan and Ivy wouldn’t be able to make it to Riverview for the wedding, but her aunt and uncle, and cousin were able to make it.

It didn’t take much to prepare for the wedding, either.

It wasn’t very long until the day of the wedding, and Harley walked down the hallway of the house that he would soon be living in, nervous. People were arriving for the wedding, and he hadn’t seen Rhiannon all day.

His nerves calmed, though, when Rhiannon met him at the wedding arch. He even whooped for joy.

“I love you,” they whispered to each other before the wedding ceremony started.

As Rhiannon and Harley had their first kiss as husband and wife, both their nerves disappeared completely.  They stepped away from the arch, and everyone congratulated them.

The newly married couple went to cut their wedding cake, and they had their small party go on to the early hours of the morning.

After everyone left, Rhiannon and Harley went to the bedroom that they now shared.

“I love you so much,” Harley murmured before the two of them took the last step of their relationship.


AN~ So, LOL at Rhiannon wearing her togs in the last picture. She and some guests were playing with the sprinkles.

In other news, I have started a collaborative legacy with my friend, and she is writing the first generation. You guys should go check it out, it is The Fernlea Legacy. (It is also in my blogroll.)

YAY! Rhiannon and Harley are finally married! (It’s a finally for me because I’ve had it planned since before Rhiannon was born… like when Ben was a child. When Ay2Cee first posted Harley and mentioned that he was a vampire… yeah, I plan some things way in advance. Rhiannon was always going to be a girl. I used the watermelon to make sure she was.) Now they can have some beautiful children!


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Generation Four Chapter Eight

Rhiannon was very proud of the beginnings of her garden. Ambrogio had been searching for odd seeds and plants for Rhiannon to grow.

Rhiannon decided to place her mother’s grave by her garden, in this beautiful place that was close to her daughter, and away from where she died.

On the day of their date, Harley turned up early. Rhiannon smiled as he walked towards her, hoping that he wasn’t here to cancel on her.

“I know you’re not ready yet, but I had to see you,” he said, handing Rhiannon some flowers.

“Oh, Harley, they’re beautiful!” Rhiannon exclaimed, sniffing them.

“Well, once you’re ready, we’ll go eat at the Bistro in town,” Harley said, “It’s the only place to go for dinner around here.”

After the date, Harley sat down on the concrete, looking up at the stars, and asked Rhiannon to join him. Rhiannon hesitantly sat next to him, and she felt a shiver as Harley placed his hand on hers.

Eventually she started to feel more comfortable sitting next to him like that, and gazed up at the stars.

They started to talk and laugh together, getting to know each other better. She could already tell that Harley would be better for her than Dave ever was, but she had to tell herself not to think like that. It was only their first date.

When they got tired of looking at the stars, they stood up, and Harley said he should probably walk Rhiannon home.

“I’m perfectly safe,” Rhiannon said, “No one will mess with a vampire, especially around here.” Harley laughed.

“I know, but it’s the gentlemanly thing to do,” Harley replied, “But first, if you don’t mind, I want to try something.”

Harley leaned forward and kissed Rhiannon lightly on the lips.

“Rhiannon, I think this date went well. How about making this official? Do you want to be my girlfriend?” Harley asked. Rhiannon grinned and nodded.

“Of course, Harley,” she whispered.

Months went by, and Rhiannon’s garden continued to grow. She was very proud of how well it was turning out.

Her love life was doing well as well. Her and Harley were getting closer as time went by and Rhiannon knew she was in love.

She was happy with Harley, happier than she’d ever been before.

Everyone could see how happy she was. Ambrogio and Rosanna were very fond of Harley, and Ashton was friends with Harley.

Rhiannon knew she wanted to spend the rest of forever with Harley, and Harley assured her he felt the same. There was no rush for them to get married, they had forever, they had both agreed. But they both knew that’s what they wanted one day. In the meantime, they were happy with what they had.


AN~ You can find Harley here. Sorry about the end of the chapter, it really was just Nonny/Harley spam hahahaha.


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