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Generation Six Chapter Two The Friendship That Was Over

I hated homework. I was pretty sure it hated me, too. But I had to do it every day straight after school, otherwise Fletcher wasn’t allowed over. At first Mum didn’t want him over until after I’d done it, but after awhile I convinced her to let Fletcher be my study buddy. He needed my help, anyway. (Vampire perk: You’re smarter. Still hated homework, though.)

After one homework session, we decided we’d go out to the pool. I didn’t like it much, but Fletcher loved it. Also, I had found a skimpy dress in the wardrobe, and I wanted to ruin it. Destroy it. I don’t know anyone who has ever lived in our house who would wear a dress like that, except maybe Grandma Nonny’s mother.

Okay, so it was partly on Fletcher’s dare that I wore that dress in the pool, and partly because I didn’t want to wear my bikini in front of Fletcher. The dress may have shown things off, but the bikini Mum got for me was worse, and as much as I liked Fletcher in that way there was no way I was going to wear it.

We had a breathing contest. I don’t even know why Fletcher even suggested it, because I’m a vampire so of course I was going to win.

I would recommend to you to never go swimming in a dress. I think I’d have been better with the bikini.

After our swim, Fletch suggested we sit down on the grass and look at the stars. He had been reading something about stars so he wanted to share all his new found knowledge with me.

Anyway, I was sitting there happily looking at the pretty lights in the sky when suddenly: skin contact. Hand contact. And I knew it was NBD because he was my best friend and everything, but he had put his hand over mine while looking at stars. He was touching my hand. My hand. In a romantic setting.

I was sure I had been imagining things.

But then he moved his hand and he put his arm behind mine.

To distract myself I pointed at what I knew was an aeroplane but I pretended I thought it was a star, and so we had a conversation, a normal conversation.

After he went home, I lay on my bed and tried to push down all my feelings. I was going to stop liking him.

Then he came over the next day and was completely adorable in the way only Fletch knows how.

I couldn’t take it anymore. So I did what seemed like the only sane thing to do.

I kissed him. And he seemed to kiss back. But I wasn’t sure.

When the kiss ended, I turned on my heel and ran out of the room.

I was absolutely certain I had ended the friendship for good. I had just kissed my best friend. That kind of thing ends friendships. I was sure Fletcher had gone home, told his mother he was never going to come back here again. I was going to lose Fletcher, and all because I was stupid enough to kiss him.

After awhile I saw Fletcher walking over to me, and I realised Mum was outside too, in her bikini, on the waterslide. Ugh, Mum. Could you be any more embarrassing?

The first thing Fletcher did when he reached me was kiss me. Softly, not forcing himself on me like I practically did with him. Making sure I actually wanted to kiss him.

Because me kissing him made it look like I wasn’t sure if I wanted to kiss him or not, apparently.

He then pulled me into a hug.

“I didn’t think you felt that way,” he said.

“Really? Because I’ve been pushing the feelings away because I didn’t think you felt that way!” I exclaimed.

Then, he took my hand. Not caring that my mother was in the backyard with us, face planting on the waterslide, Fletcher asked me if I would be his girlfriend.

And I said yes.

The friendship was over. But now he was my boyfriend.


AN~ Fletcher/Lilliana = OTP. ‘Nuff said. 


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Generation Six Chapter One Lilli’s Best Friend

The story of my life would be incomplete if you didn’t include my absolute best friend in the whole world, Fletcher Noir.

Fletcher and I met when he and his mother moved in across the road from us. We quickly became friends.

Fletcher spent most of his weekends and every day after school at my house. He was the only friend I had, and I think it was because I met him after my psychotic symptons were gone.

After awhile I told him about how I used to see my dead brother, and he just shrugged.

“If I had a dead brother I’d want to see him so much that I’d see him, too,” he told me. He made me feel better. He kept me sane. Literally.

Shortly before my 13th birthday Mum took me off the medication I had been on. I still wasn’t seeing Axton. I still wasn’t acting strangely. Mum thought it meant I was better. I thought it meant I wasn’t lonely anymore, but I didn’t say that to Mum.

Fletcher’s birthday was the day before mine, but we didn’t do anything to celebrate. We just did what we normally did, hanging out at my house. Fletcher could always make me laugh.

The other thing about Fletcher was that he was very good looking. Extremely cute, and such a good friend.

I had to try not to think about him as anything other than a friend. I doubted he could ever see me that way, despite Mum and Auntie Rose constantly telling me how pretty I was. We had grown up with each other. It was silly to think of him like that.

Okay, so when I said Fletch was my only friend I was lying. I did have one other friend, which was my adorable kitty Twink. He couldn’t say much back to me, but he was always available for soft cuddles whenever I wanted them.

Angelina was my friend too, I guess, but she was also my cousin (sort of) and so she kind of had to be my friend. She was pretty awesome, though. Not long after my birthday it was her birthday and then she moved out. Angelina was also very pretty, she looked a lot like Auntie Rose but she had Uncle Ambro’s awesome hair. I always wanted his hair colour. It was so different from everything else. I always wondered how there was blue in it that was passed down to Angie, but no one knew. Rose said something about genetics, but she didn’t know how it had become a gene to pass down.

Or something. I don’t know.

One day Fletch was over (like every day) and I had an awesome idea, so I pulled Fletch over to the rode and hailed a taxi. It’s really weird because taxi’s just seem to show up in our town, they’re like stalkerish psychic taxis or something, it’s kinda freaky but also useful.

We got in to the taxi together.

“So, where are we actually going?” Fletch asked


“School? Lil, it’s 6:30! Why do we need to go to school?” He looked disgusted at the idea of going to school after hours.

“To prank it. Duh.”

“I worry about you sometimes, Lilli.”

“You know you love me,” I grinned at him.

“No idea why,” he replied, grinning back.

“So, here’s what we’re going to do, Fletch. I’m going to deface the mascot, and you’re going to T.P. the principals office. Waste the schools loo paper because I don’t have any,” I said. Fletch gave me an ‘are-you-crazy’ look.

“I don’t think this is a good idea, Lilli,” he said. I shrugged.

“Whatever. I’ll go deface the mascot, and when you decide that you have the balls to do it, you can T.P. the principals office,” I replied. Fletcher groaned, and I knew I had won.

“Fine. Fine. I’ll do it. You win. This time,” he said.

“I win every time. I’m just adorable,” I said.

I finished first so I waited outside the school for Fletch. When he came back we quickly made out way back to my house.

When we got back to my house we starting laughing together about it.

“See, it wasn’t a bad idea, was it?” I asked.

“I guess not…” Fletcher replied, “But next time warn me before you nearly rip my arm off pulling me to the taxi.”

“I promise.”

Later I saw him outside with the funniest facial expression.  He’s so cute.


AN~ Yeah, I know, another short chapter. But I still actually quite like this one. I think Lilli is absolutely freaking adorable and her and Fletcher are quickly becoming my OTP. Fletcher is actually a de-berrified version of Flare Noir for friendliellama’s Rainbowcy Different. Also, if anyone wants Angelina I have her .sim file here: Angelina Gilbert. She doesn’t have any CC or anything, but a lot of her clothes are from expansion packs. 


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