Generation Ten Chapter Six

The summer break went by fairly quickly, and I avoided Aunt Rose and Uncle Ambro most of the time. I knew they didn’t like my decision, but I had made it. All I was waiting for now was for Rose to finish.

I was excited to head back to university, back to the house and my flatmates.


I greeted Rose with a hug.

“It’s so good to see you!” I exclaimed. She smiled.

“I have another reason why it would be good to see me,” she said.

Screenshot-2 Screenshot-3

She handed me a present, and I looked at it oddly.

“It’s your cure,” she said, smiling at me. I grinned.

“Fantastic! Brilliant! Thank you!” I looked at the box, before looking back at Rose.

“Are you going to take it?” Rose asked.


“I’m going to be disinherited if I do this,” I said, “I want to do this, but I’m losing my family.”

“Maybe you should wait until university is finished. They’re paying, right? What will happen if they stop paying halfway through the year?” she asked, looking concerned.

“They won’t know until the end of the year. I am doing this. This is the right thing for me, it’s what I need to do. But it’s ridiculous that I’m going to be disinherited for this,” I said.

“I’d probably be disowned if I gave up my powers,” Rose said.

“That’s completely different. Being a fairy isn’t going to stop you from doing what you want to do. I can’t go out in the sun. I need to drink plasma. I could very easily kill someone,” I said, shaking my head, “I don’t want this. I want to be normal.”

“Well, you have the cure now. You can take it when you’re ready. Think it over for awhile,” she said, and smiled before she walked off.


I ended up meditating over it. I already knew I was going to take it, it was just a matter of when.

And I had decided.

Screenshot-8 Screenshot-10 Screenshot-11 Screenshot-12

I took the cure, and I felt strange. Everything was different, yet the same. It was bizarre.

I went to find Rose.

“I did it! I took the cure!” I exclaimed. Rose smiled at me.

“Are you happy?” she asked. I nodded, before I hugged her, and then kissed her.

Screenshot-16 Screenshot-17

She kissed me back.

We broke apart, and a blushed lightly.

“Look, that wasn’t just because I was excited, just like last time wasn’t just because I was drunk. I really do like you, Rose. I’m not a vampire anymore, either,” I said.


“I have feelings for you, too,” Rose said, smiling, “I have for awhile, Adalia, but…”

“I know you thought I was drunk,” I said, “That first time. That’s why you said to pretend it never happened. We do’t have to pretend.”

“No, I suppose not,” she replied.


“So, what do you say? Let’s give this relationship thing a go?” I asked.

“I’m truly touched by the romantic way you said that,” Rose said with a laugh, “Yes. Let’s.”


There was just one thing I had to get done as a human, something I had been looking forward to.

After spending a bit of time with Rose, I headed down to the coffee shop. I had started to feel hungry, which was a new thing for me, but I wanted my first meal as a human to be delicious. So I bought something from the coffee shop. A chocolate brownie.

As a child, we ate food, rather than drank plasma, and I remembered that I had really quite liked brownies, and I was sure that now they would be even better, now that I had the taste buds of a human.

Screenshot-22 Screenshot-24

I was right. It was delicious. I was human, brownies were perfect, and I was with Rose. I could follow my dreams. How could I possibly care that I would be disowned?


So she’s not a vampire anymore, which means technically it’s really the end. I will be posting one more chapter though. 


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  1. I’m so glad that she’s happy. But damn you, now I want brownies.

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