Generation Ten Chapter Four

The first semester seemed to go by pretty quickly, and it was soon time for break. I decided to stay at uni over the break, not wanting to go back home for only a week. I also had no idea what I was going to tell my family about my decision to become human, and I had no idea how to act around them like nothing had changed. It was easiest for me to just avoid it for a week.

Rose and Faith decided to stay too, Rose’s family living quite far away. I wasn’t sure why Faith was staying, but it was nice to have both of them around.

I had done well in my exams, passing very easily, and I didn’t have to worry about study for a week. I was ready for my party week.

On the Friday after exams finished, we had a party at our place.

Screenshot-8 Screenshot-11 Screenshot-14 Screenshot-17

The party got wild and there was a lot of streaking. I’ll admit my part in it. It was a lot of fun.

It did, however, end with the police breaking us up.


However it ended, I was looking forward to the next party.

Said next party was the next day, and I was invited along by someone from my class. Rose and Faith weren’t going, but I was going, and I was going to have a great time.



It was apparently a pool party (not that I noticed any pool) so I dressed in my bikini and even put on sunglasses even though they weren’t needed. May as well get into the theme.

Screenshot-23 Screenshot-29


I did drink a lot, and I discovered it had an interesting… side effect on me. I was already a fairly flirty person, it came extremely natural to me, but it became extremely pronounced while drunk.

Screenshot-28 Screenshot-31


Making out with a few people was actually really enjoyable, and I did note through my drunken haze that I much preferred making out with the girls. This didn’t bother me, really, and I was way too drunk to actually think about it.

The rest of the party was great, and I was glad that I hadn’t gone any further than making out with anyone while I was drunk. I’d have hated to go any further while drunk.

The party wasn’t quite as crazy as the one we’d had at our place the night previously, but I made my way home, still drunk, and apparently quite loudly because when I went to start up the stairs Rose was standing there.

“Can you be quieter?” Rose asked tiredly, “Faith and I are trying to sleep.” I didn’t say anything as I stared at her, before leaning forward and kissing her.



Rose pushed me away with a lot of force, not that it sent me very far, and I looked at her with wide eyes.

“I’m sorry!” I exclaimed before running back up the stairs and getting into bed. I was still to drunk to properly process what had happened, but I greatly regretted it in the morning.



I had a long sleep, and in the morning had an awful hangover that I knew I deserved. I had completely destroyed my whole friendship with Rose. This was a disaster.


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2 responses to “Generation Ten Chapter Four

  1. Well, that’s uni for ya. XD Well…more like college. But anyway.

    This is about to get interesting.

  2. Ella

    Ooh Great chapter, can’t believe it’s the 10th generation already! 🙂

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