Generation Ten Chapter Two

“Happy Birthday dear Adalia! Happy Birthday to you!”

Screenshot-91 Screenshot-92


It was my birthday, and I was going to be an adult, a fully grown vampire. I didn’t want it. I love the sun, and the moment I was an adult vampire I wouldn’t ever be able to be out in the sun for very long. It was unfair.

As I blew out my candles I made a wish that I would still be able to go out in the sun. I knew it was useless, and it wasn’t going to happen, but it was worth a shot.

Screenshot-98 Screenshot-99


I did grow up, and I was an adult vampire, and I was somewhat disappointed. I couldn’t be too disappointed though, because I knew I was gorgeous. Sounds big-headed, I know, but I was. Nothing wrong with being confident.

But I was an adult now and it wouldn’t be long until I was off to university.

I was going there to study phys ed, and we had organised a place for me to rent and live in, and I was getting a few flatmates, that Dad had screened, but none of us had met yet. Dad had his connections, though, to make sure they were completely safe and check their backgrounds.

I was looking forward to uni. No one in my family had been before, mostly because this university, a supernatural-friendly university, was the first of it’s kind, and very new. I wouldn’t have to hide who I was there. Just like here, in Moonlight Falls, we didn’t have to hide who we were.

And after the summer, I was off to uni.

Screenshot-105 Screenshot-106 Screenshot-107


I had two flatmates. Faith and Rose. Dad wouldn’t ‘allow’ male flatmates.

The first thing I did when we all got to our new home was sit down and talk to them, get to know them.

“I’m Adalia, and I’m a vampire. I’m studying physical education,” I said to introduce myself.

“I’m Rose. Rose Blossom. I know, it’s a stupid name, but as a fairy, that’s the kind of names we have,” Rose said, smiling, “I’m studying science, I love gardening. I know, I sound like a typical fairy.”

“Nothing wrong with being a typical fairy,” I said, grinning, “Says the atypical vampire.” She laughed, and then we both looked at the brunette girl.

“I’m Faith. I’m studying Fine Arts, and I’m a Squib!” she said. Rose and I stared at her blankly, having no idea what she was talking about. Faith blinked once, and then grinned.

“You’ve never read those old Harry Potter books, have you? Well, in those books non-magic folk are called Muggles, and anyone who is non-magic born to a magical parent is called a Squib. In the witch community they sort of adopted those words, it meant they could talk about it in public and people would just think they were nerds, not crazy. My Mum is a witch,” Faith said, “I didn’t inherit the skill.”

The three of us continued to talk for awhile, and then I decided to go explore the campus.

Screenshot-112 Screenshot-114


I found myself at the bowling place, but there was no one around so I bowled a little before I headed back home. I’d make some friends before I really explored.

Screenshot-115 Screenshot-116 Screenshot-118 Screenshot-119


At home, Rose and I were talking about our experiences as a vampire and a fairy, and Rose decided to show me just what she could do. It was awesome, seeing her so tiny and flying around me like that. She was amazing.


Nothing happened much, I know, but I just like to introduce my characters. Also, I’m glad to send a Gilbert to university, finally. Figures it’s the last generation. 

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