Generation Six Chapter Ten Sanctuary

I was no longer at home, but Rose kept me updated on my little girls. They were growing up fast. Apparently Brigitte had grown quiet and sullen since I’d gone. She normally only talked to Aimee. My poor little girl. No father, and an absentee mother, through no fault of my own.

Awhile after I’d left it was Aimee and Brigitte’s birthday. They would be teenagers. I found the idea of that absolutely incredible. Those little girls, teenagers.

Rose gushed on about how beautiful they were and made sure to send me photos.

I had to agree when I saw the photos. They were absolutely gorgeous. And they deserved so much better than a mother that was away because of her head.

In the end, it was Papa who had me committed. They showed me pictures of what I looked like when I thought I was heavily pregnant, and I didn’t look pregnant at all. I got so angry, yelling at them all, screaming that my little Antoine was real. I pushed Ambro into the bookshelf, and I almost bit Papa. So they tell me. I can’t remember a bit of it.

But if I am like that it’s not safe for me to be around my daughters. That’s why Papa did it. I don’t blame him.

Rose soon told me that the girls had requested a move, but she didn’t want to move them unless I agreed, despite the fact that I didn’t get much a choice in it, anyway. After thinking it through, I told them that it was fine. My girls deserved  new start somewhere else.

They found a house in Starlight Shores, and Rose sent me the pictures.

I hoped they would be happy there.

Just as I was happy in my sanctuary with Antoine and Fletcher.


AN~ So Starlight Shores won that poll. 50% of the votes. I don’t know how long they’ll last there, but it’s where they are now and it’s helped me to form a plan for generation seven. 

This is the last chapter of Lilli’s gen. I know her gen was very short. I seem to be getting shorter as time goes by. The next update will be generation seven beginning! I can’t believe it!

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