Generation Six Chapter Nine Antoine

My girls had quickly made friends at school, and started bringing them over. I wasn’t so sure that it was a good idea to have their friends over, it was a house of vampires and ghosts, after all, but Fletcher made sure to say stay out of their way and us adults were careful. After all, I used to always have Fletcher over when I was a child.

I was beginning to notice the differences between ghost Fletcher and my old Fletcher. Ghost Fletcher didn’t always seem quite there. He always snuck up behind people to scare them, being a ghost it was easy for him. He wasn’t the same as my old Fletcher, but it was the closest I would get and I was thankful for him at least.

I helped Rose have a makeover. It was the first time I’d ever seen her with her hair down. Was it weird to be jealous of your great great great great grandmother? Because she was so pretty.

I’d begun to feel sick so I told Rose that I thought I might be pregnant. I didn’t miss the look of pity on her face. She didn’t think it was possible. Ghost Fletcher might be, he was still dead.

Well it was possible, I was sure of it.

Rose’s medical test said that I wasn’t pregnant, but how else did you explain my growing stomach? All the signs pointed to pregnancy. Rose told me I didn’t even look pregnant, that it wasn’t real. But surely I knew my body better than she did?

My girls spent a lot of time in the sandpit. They loved it, Brigitte more than Aimee.

They were still close as ever, though.

I told Papa I was pregnant, and he seemed pretty happy, though there was a flicker of something in his eyes that I didn’t recognise. He put on a happy act for me at any rate. At least he wasn’t trying to convince me I was wrong.

It wasn’t long until I had my little boy, Antoine. He was just like Fletcher. A ghost. It completely bewildered me. How could I have a ghost baby?

Rosanna had talked to my pshychiatrist and I was started on some new medication after my pregnancy. Both her and the psychiatrist were convinced that little Antoine was a figment of my imagination, that my medication obviously wasn’t strong enough or good enough. I was hesitant to take it, but in the end I did. It would stop Rose bothering me. I would just have to be careful and not mention my baby boy around her.

I talked about him with Papa though, but he didn’t want to listen. He had to tell me Antoine wasn’t real. No one could see him. Not even Ambrogio, and he was the most open to seeing ghosts.

I wouldn’t believe him. Months went by and my little boy was as strong as ever. He was still there, always there. Papa and Rose and Ambro all told me he wasn’t. I didn’t know what to believe.

But how could I not believe in that beautiful little boy of mine?


AN~ The poll for where they will move next is still open. I think there will be one more mini-chapter and then I will close the poll and it will be the end of Lilli’s gen, and we will move on to gen 7!


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5 responses to “Generation Six Chapter Nine Antoine

  1. A ghost baby!? D= Wow, this just got crazy. Interesting, interesting. I wonder if he is indeed a figment of her imagination, or whether he is, in fact, real!

    • I love the ghost babies but logically it so wouldn’t work (but then what about the vampire babies, right?) But this got so freaking crazy I have no idea what’s going on half the time 😛

  2. Wow that is so weird to think about, her having a baby and no one believing her…

    • Not to mention how hard it would be for her… would she trust what she sees when she knows she’s seen things that don’t exist before, or would she trust what these people around her are saying, even if it’s completely heartbreaking?

  3. can’t fletcher convince ambro

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