Generation Six Chapter Eight

After the funeral, Papa moved in to help out, knowing that I would be miserable and that Rose was busy with work, and Ambro had gotten back into inventing again. Support for me, and help to raise my girls.

According to Papa and Rose and Ambro I was having odd moments that I couldn’t remember afterwards. All of them were extremely worried, but none more so than Rose. I think she was reminded of her daughter so long ago.

Papa was amazing, though. I loved living with him again. I’d seen him since my parents had divorced, but I had been a little girl when he moved away. I had my Papa again.

Of course, being human, he had his birthday not long after he moved in. He retired, and was going to be the full time carer of my daughters, giving me a chance to do what I loved. Photography.

I didn’t really enjoy it anymore, though. After losing Fletcher, I didn’t really enjoy much.

He was so good with my girls, not that I was surprised. A doting Grandpere. Just what my girls would need growing up.

My gorgeous little girls. Aimee was having a bit of trouble with blocks and having little tantrums if she couldn’t get the block in the hole, but she got there quickly and her little tantrums were adorable.

It wasn’t that long until Brigitte and Aimee’s birthday when I saw him. He wasn’t a solid figure like I normally saw Axton as, but a ghost. A very dark red ghost. I knew Ambrogio used to work as a ghosthunter, so I decided to bring Fletcher with me to show Ambro, so he could confirm he was there. Because if Fletcher wasn’t really there… in my mind was going even worse…

No. I wouldn’t even finish that thought.

I explained to Ambro that I thought I had just seen the ghost of Fletcher, and he asked me to ask Fletcher to come in to the room, to see if he could see. I turned and called Fletcher into the room.

Ambrogio went right up to him and started talking to him. If Ambro could see him too, then he wasn’t a figment of my mental disorder.

Soon, though, it was time for my girls to grow up.



Both were beautiful girls and would soon be starting school. I couldn’t believe how quickly time had passed. It had been a few months since Fletcher had died. But I had him again. I had my Fletcher with me again, and this time I wouldn’t take that for granted.

I had regretted nor marrying Fletcher. So I was going to marry him. Ghost or no, he was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

We wouldn’t legally be married. As far as the law was concerned, Fletcher was dead and he was gone. But we would have a wedding ceremony, we would be married in our hearts.

We had a beautiful place set up for our wedding.

And with that, I married my best friend, love of my life, and father of my daughters.

He may be a ghost, not fully Fletcher, but he was Fletcher where it mattered.


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2 responses to “Generation Six Chapter Eight

  1. Aww, that was sweet. =’) I’m glad that got to marry, even if it didn’t happen until after he died.

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