Generation Six Chapter Seven

Late. Fletcher was home late. According to his boss, he hadn’t turned up to work, either.

I was panicking. What had happened that he couldn’t ring me, let me know where he was?

Had he left me permanently? Had enough of my insanity?

Thoughts whirred through my head, and I wasn’t any calmer when my phone started ringing and it was an unknown number.

“Lilliana Gilbert?”

“Yes, that’s me.”

“I hate that I have to do this, but I have to inform you that your partner, Fletcher Noir, was in a car accident this morning. He didn’t make it.” I almost dropped the phone.

“He can’t die in a car accident, he’s  vampire,” I insisted.

“I know, miss, but he insisted on trying to help the other people involved out of the cars… he was out in the sun too long, Ms. Gilbert.”

“No! Stop it! Stop saying this! Stop lying to me! NO!” I cried into the phone.

“I’m sorry miss.” I hung up the phone, not wanting to listen anymore. The idea that Fletcher – my Fletcher – was gone…

Why? Why did this have to happen? Whoever caused this accident was in for trouble.

I could feel my mind trying to pull me away from reality, but I tried to force myself to stay. I had a funeral to organise and daughters to raise.

Neither of us knew many people, so it was very quick to ring around. Both of my parents could hear how upset I was before I’d told them anything. They offered support, and both promised to come to the funeral.

In the end I couldn’t go to the funeral. Fletcher was being buried in our backyard, so he would be close to me and the girls, but I couldn’t face the funeral. Not with the people there. His parents didn’t approve of me, after what happened when I found out I was pregnant, didn’t approve of the fact that Fletcher and I wouldn’t get married.

If only he could come back, I would. If that would make him be with me forever, then I would marry him.

After everyone had left I went down to his grave with Rose. There were flowers laid next to his grave. I stared down at the grave for awhile. That was where my darling Fletcher was now. I could never hug him or kiss him again. I would never feel his hand on my cheek as he stared at me with those loving eyes.

It was all too much. The thought of never seeing him again… I cried for what felt like hours.

After awhile I went inside to find my girls. I needed them close to me, otherwise something might happen to them too. I couldn’t lose them.

My beautiful little girls, both part Fletcher, would grow up not knowing their father. They didn’t deserve that. Why couldn’t they have their father? Why couldn’t I have my Fletcher? Why weren’t we allowed to be happy? There was a cruel god or creator out there, making sure my family always got the worst of it. My grandmother had grown up without either of her parents. Mum had lost her little boy, and I had lived my entire life with a psychological disorder. And now I’d lost Fletcher. My girls… my poor daughters.

I put down Brigitte for fear of dropping her and cried again. It was going to be a difficult few months.

Rose walked in to the playroom, and saw how upset I was. She suggested that I go over to their little cottage, and she’ll watch the girls for awhile, give me time to myself. I agreed, and walked across to their cottage.

When I walked in, I saw him. Standing there, smiling. As if nothing had happened. And nothing had happened to him. He had plagued me my entire life, but he didn’t know Fletcher.

Having no energy to do anything else, I threw myself on his shoulder and cried.



AN~ Please don’t hate me. 


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9 responses to “Generation Six Chapter Seven

  1. I hate you for killing Fletcher! D= He was awesome! Crying here!

    I still love you, though.


    😦 U ruined my life

    xD jk, jk..

    WAIT WTF??? Is she kissing Axton or Fletcher? Im confused… 😐

  3. get along with your brother now at your mom knows he lives

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